Furthest distance apart

Serial sites whose extremities are the furthest distance apart (over 1000kms)

Connected Sites

Site Rationale Link
Australian Convict Sites Fremantle / Norfolk Island
Australian Fossil Mammal Sites Riversleigh and Naracoorte are approx 2012kms/1250 miles apart
Cold winter deserts of Turan Over 1500km from Kazakhstan (Altyn Emel) to Turkmen components
Frank Lloyd Wright Buildings Hollyhock House to Guggenheim Museum is 4509km
French Austral Lands and Seas 2348km between Crozet Archipelago and Amsterdam and St Paul Islands
Frontiers of the Roman Empire 1,350 km /839 miles (Antonine Wall, Clydebank ? Bavarian Limes, Hienheim on the Danube)
Grand Canal 1214kms: Old Beijing City Section (TH01) N39 56 29 / E116 22 51 to Ningbo Sanjiangkou (ZD04) N29 52 29 / E121 33 26
Great Wall The extremities at Shanhaiguan and Jiayaguan are approximately 1824kms/1133 miles apart
Heritage of Mercury Almaden - Idrija (2198 km)
Mountain Railways of India 2,179km/ 1,354 miles (Nigrili - Shimla)
Primeval Beech Forests Podilski Tovtry Nature Park to Hayedos de Picos de Europa is over 3000km.
Qhapaq √Ďan 3864kms: Los Ajos Colombia (CO-RP-09-C-2011) N1 8 20 / W 77 21 49 to Puente del Inca Section - Penitentes Argentina S32 52 47 W69 52 25
Routes of Santiago de Compostela in France Amiens - Gavarnie: 1032 km
Silk Roads Chang'an-Tianshan Corridor 3636kms: Kostobe Kyrgyzstan (S06-KZ) N42 59 24 / E71 31 25 to Luoyang (C02-CN) N34 43 52 / E112 37 17
Struve Geodetic Arc Fuglenaes (Norway) and Staro-Nekrassowka (Ukraine) are approx 2830kms/1758 miles apart
Sub-Antarctic Islands 1,010km/627 miles (Bounty Islands - Auckland Islands)
The Architectural Work of Le Corbusier National Museum of Western Art Tokyo - Casa Curutchet Buenos Aires: 18410kms


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