Discovered from the Air

WHS which were discovered or a significant aspect of whose OUV was identified by persons overflying.

Connected Sites

Site Rationale Link
Canaima National Park Angel Falls was famously discovered by Jimmy Angel overflying it in Nov 18 1933 (though they were of course known to the local Pemon Indians)
Frontiers of the Roman Empire The Nomination File for the "Antonine Wall" contains numerous references (search on "Aerial") e,g "All the 20 camps along the Antonine Wall have been found through aerial survey and photography. None is visible today." and "Aerial survey and photography shortly after the Second World War led to the discovery of a new type of structure on the Wall: the fortlet."
Lower German Limes Kleve-Keeken (20): "The camp was first discovered in 2016 by aerial photography." (Nomination file, p. 68)
Nasca Lines "were first spotted when commercial aircraft started to fly over the region within the late 1920s. Some of the passengers reported seeing some sort of pictures on the desert surface below."
Stonehenge Woodhenge in 1925 (wiki)
Tchogha Zanbil "It was sighted in 1935 by prospectors of the Anglo Iranian Oil Company who were surveying the region by airplane"


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