Greatest Altitude Variations

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Connected Sites

Great Himalayan National Park: "Starting from an altitude of 1,700 metres above mean sea level, the highest peak within the park approaches almost 5,800 metres" (Nom File pdf page 275)
Hawaii Volcanoes: Sea Level - 4170 (Mauna Loa): 4170m difference
Khangchendzonga National Park: elevational range of 1,220m to 8,586m above sea level (asl) within a relatively small area (AB ev)
Kilimanjaro National Park: 1830m - 5895m (Mt Kibo): 4065m difference
Lorentz National Park: Sea Level - 4884m : 4884m difference
Qhapaq Ñan: Santuario Arqueológico de Pachacamac (PE-XP-40/CS-2011) at 75 MASL approx, Complejo Ceremonial Volcán Llullaillaco (ARLLU-07/CS-2011) at 6739 MASL. 6664 m difference
Rwenzori Mountains: 1700 - 5119 (Mt Margherita): 3419m difference
Sagarmatha National Park: 2845m - 8550m ("Mt Everest"): 5705m difference
Sangay National Park: an altitudinal range extending from 900 to 5,319 metres above sea level (4,419m variation)
Three parallel rivers of Yunnan: 760m - 6740m (Mt Kawagebo): 5980m difference
Virunga National Park: 798m - 5119m (Mt Margherita): 4321 difference
Western Tien-Shan: ranges in altitude from 700 to 4,503 m above sea level


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