On Euro coins

Connected Sites

Site Rationale Link
Altamira Cave scheduled Spanish 2015 commemorative 2 Euro
Burgos Cathedral scheduled Spanish 2012 commemorative 2 Euro
Castel del Monte Italian 1 Cent
City of Luxembourg Grand Ducal Palace and Berg Palace on Luxemburgian 2007 and 2008 comemorative 2 Euro
Cologne Cathedral Vatican's 2005 comemorative 2 Euro, Germany's 2011 commemorative 2 Euro
Cordoba Spanish 2010 commemorative 2 Euro
El Escurial scheduled Spanish 2013 commemorative 2 Euro
Granada scheduled Spanish 2011 commemorative 2 Euro
Hildesheim Cathedral and Church scheduled German 2014 commemorative 2 Euro
Lübeck Holstentor on German 2006 commemorative 2 Euro
Madara Rider If and when Bulgaria ever joins the Euro this has been chosen already for depiction on the Bulgarian Euro coin
Maulbronn Monastery Scheduled to appear on reverse of Germany's 2 Euro commemorative coin in 2013 representing Baden-W?rttemberg
Megalithic Temples of Malta Mnjadra on Maltese 1, 2 and 5 Cent
Potsdam Sanssouci on scheduled German 2021 commemorative 2 Euro
Rome Colosseum on Italian 5 Cent
San Marino and Mount Titano Various parts on Sammarinese 1, 2, 5, 10, 50 Cent and 2 Euro
Santiago de Compostela The Obradoiro façade of the cathedral, the best known, is depicted on the Spanish euro coins of 1 cent, 2 cents, and 5 cents (€0.01, €0.02, and €0.05). (wiki)
Town Hall and Roland, Bremen German commemorative coin 2010
Trier Porta Nigra on scheduled German 2017 commemorative 2 Euro
Vatican City 2? portrait of Dante Alighieri in Vatican Palace; San Marco Square on Vatican's 2004 commemorative 2 Euro
Vienna St. Stephan's Dome, Belveder, Secession on Austrian 10, 20 and 50 Cent
Wartburg Castle scheduled German 2020 commemorative 2 Euro
Works of Antoni Gaudí scheduled Spanish 2014 commemorative 2 Euro


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