Built or owned by Japanese

Outside the boundaries of Japan and its territories.

Connected Sites

Site Rationale Link
Baekje Historic Areas Mireuksa Temple Pagoda, in 1914 the Japanese government supported it with a concrete backing.
Bikini Atoll "In the early 1900's the Japanese began to administer the Marshall Islands.... The Bikini islanders' life of harmony drew to an abrupt close when the Japanese decided to build and maintain a watchtower on their island to guard against an American invasion of the Marshalls."
Central Highlands the big Japanese Peace Pagoda at the foot of Adam's Peak, Central Highlands of Sri Lanka
Changdeokgung Palace Complex In 1920 The Japanese regime destroyed parts of the complex and a Japanese building was constructed in the palace courtyard.
Hoi An Japanese bridge
Kandy Golden Roof of Temple of Tooth
Kew Gardens Chokushi-Mon
Kinabalu Park Kinabalu Park's Poring Hot Spring Garden was discovered and developed by Japanese Army during WWII for their recreation.
Lushan National Park Japanese villa
Macao St. Paul: "The ruins now consist of the southern stone fa├žade .. intricately carved between 1620 and 1627 by Japanese Christians in exile from their homeland" (Wiki)
Melaka and George Town GeorgeTown, Penang had little Japanese community officially since 1915 along Cintra Road which locals called the Little Japan Street
Rock Islands Japanese military ship wrecks from WWII


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