Olympic Venues

WHS that served as Venues for the Modern Olympic Games

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Central University City Campus of the UNAM venue for athletics and ceremony events in Mexico 1968
Fortress of Suomenlinna Finn class sailing event at the 1952 Summer Olympic Games was located at the front of the island of Liuskasaari which is just beside the core zone of Suomenlinna. It is highly likely that the event took place within the core zone of Suomenlinna. All the other sailing classes were held near the lighthouse island of Harmaja which is also near Suomenlinna. The medal ceremonies took place at Särkkä island which is within the core zone.
Great Wall Men's Cycling Race - Beijing 2008: "After two sweeping right turns in the final kilometer, the final 350m is up a short but moderately steep climb that passes under the South Gate of the Great Wall, which was built in the 14th century, to assure an exciting finale."
Kremlin and Red Square Moscow 1980: Marathon passed St. Basil's
Maritime Greenwich venue for equestrian events in London 2012
Mexico City and Xochimilco Zócalo, venue for athletics (marathon start) in Mexico 1968
Olympia venue for shot put events in Athens 2004
Paris, Banks of the Seine Tuileries Garden, venue for fencing in Paris 1900
Rhaetian Railway The remarkable role played by the region of Saint-Moritz in the creation and development of winter sports was recognised when the first Winter Olympic games were held there in 1928, and subsequently in 1948. (Unesco website)
Rio de Janeiro Men's Cycling Race - Rio de Janeiro 2016: The last half of the race featured three summits through the Serra de Carioca of Tijuca National Park and past the Jardim Botânico as part of the Vista Chinesa Circuit
Rome venue for many events including gymnastic, wrestling etc. in Rome 1960
Royal Exhibition Building venue for basketball, fencing, weightlifting and wrestling events in Melbourne 1956
Sydney Opera House venue for triathlon events in Sydney 2000
Temple of Heaven Marathon Beijing 2008 did pass within the core zone
Water Management System of Augsburg The Eiskanal was built for the Olympics of 1972.


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