Former Largest Cities

Formerly was among the largest cities in the world.

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Connected Sites

Ahwar of Southern Iraq: Uruk: "At its height c. 2900 BC, Uruk probably had 50,000–80,000 residents living in 6 km2 (2.32 sq mi) of walled area; making it the largest city in the world at the time." (wiki). Eridu was the largest City around 3700 with 6000-10000.
Ancient Merv: Around 1150 A.D.
Ancient Thebes: Largest city around 2000 B.C.
Cordoba: From 920-1000 A.D.
Gyeongju: During the Unified Silla period (618AD to 918AD), Gyeonju's peak population likely reached 1,000,000 inhabitants (wiki)
Imperial Palace: Beijing, 1425-1625
Istanbul: From 350-550 A.D.
Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor: Chang’an (Xi’an) had around 400,000 inhabitants between 200 and 100 BC
Moenjodaro: possibly the largest city around 2400 BC with around 40000 inhabitants
Pyramids (Memphis): Memphis was largest city from 3100 B.C. to 2800 B.C.
Rome: From 0-300 A.D.
Site of Carthage: Around 300 B.C.
Susa: possibly the largest city around 3500 BC.
Teotihuacan: 150-450 AD
Tower of London: London, 1820-1915
West Lake: Hangzhou had around a Million inhabitants between 1200 and 1400.
Yin Xu: Around 1300 B.C.
Çatalhöyük: with a good probability the worlds largest city around 7000 BC with an estimate of 5000-10000 inhabitants.


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