Built or owned by French

Cultural sites or significant parts thereof that were built or owned by France or French citizens(outside the current boundaries of France itself of course).

Connected Sites

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Ambohimanga French garrison
Cienfuegos Settled by French immigrants from Bordeaux and Louisiana (1819)
City of Luxembourg Sun King Louis XIV besieged the city and annexed the duchy (Vauban then augmented the fortifications of the city of Luxembourg). After being regained by the Austrians, France annexed Luxembourg again under the 1st Republic and until the downfall of Napoleon.
Corfu Controlled by France 1797-9, 1807-14. Liston Square - The Liston area is where you find the upmarket Cafés, built by the French and modelled on 'Paris Rue de Rivoli'
Crac des Chevaliers Captured by Raymond IV of Toulouse and Tancred, Prince of Galilee (during the Crusades)
Damascus Bab-Kissan's church: One of Damascus eastern wall's doors. the French built a church there in 1934.
First Coffee Plantations By French plantation owners
Grand Pré French colonization
Grand-Bassam During French colonial period
Island of Gorée French colony (1677-1960)
Island of Saint-Louis Saint-Louis was the capital of the French colony of Senegal from 1673 until independence in 1960.
Kasbah of Algiers former capital of French Algeria
Lima Casa Courret
Luang Prabang Significant French colonial influences on buildings in inscribed area - both administrative buildings and houses of french colonists
Medina of Essaouira the Medina of Essaouira was laid out by a French architect who had been profoundly influenced by the work of the military engineer Vauban at Saint Malo (AB ev)
Medina of Tunis City hall and many other adminstrative buildings
Mystras Guillaume II de Villehardouin
Old City of Acre Khan el-frange belonged to French merchants from 1535 to 1791
Old City of Jerusalem St Anna church
Panamá Museo del Canal Interoceánico de Panamá is located in a building once owned by the French canal company "Compagnie Universelle du Canal Interocéanique"; French Embassy at the Plaza de Francia
Potsdam French Church in Potsdam
Québec Founded by Champlain in July 1608 "at the site of a long abandoned St Lawrence Iroquoian settlement called Stadacona." (Wiki)
Rabat Ville Nouvelle was built by architect and town planner Henri Prost and landscape designer Jean-Claude Forestier, at the time of the French Protectorate
Residences of the Royal House of Savoy Castello del Valentino: "The current structure is due to Princess Christine of France"
Rio de Janeiro Christ the Redeemer: sculpted by French artist Paul Landowsky.
Rome The French Embassy in Rome (and hence "French Territory" and therefore "owned" by them) is the Palazzo Farnese. This has been described as "The most imposing palace of the 16th Century"
St. Petersburg Le Cavalier de bronze (Falconet)
Statue of Liberty Made by Frenchman Frédéric Bartholdi, and given by the people of France to the USA
Susa Shush Castle "located in the ruins of the ancient city of Susa . Constructed by French archaeologist Jean-Marie Jacques de Morgan in the late 1890s, as a secure base for archaeological exploration and excavation. The Castle is similar to medieval monuments in France. The structure was built by local craftsmen with bricks taken from two other archaeological sites, the Achaemenid Darius/Dariush castle and the Elamite Choqazanbil ziggurat. It is built atop a hill ("tappeh") which may contain other relics of past times. It is an example of the pre-scientific era of archaeology, when explorers mutilated or destroyed sites in the process of examining them. The former French government property was taken over by the Islamic Republic after the Iranian Revolution in 1979" . See -
São Luis In 1612 the French built a fort on the site of a "large village of the Tupinamba tribe" (Wiki) as part of the creation of the intended colony of France équinoxiale. Less than 4 years later it was taken by the Portuguese.
Valletta Jean Parisot de Valette - The foundation stone of Valletta was laid by Grandmaster La Valette in the year 1566 (wiki)
Vienna French Embassy (it is an important historical building built by the French)


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