Historical or otherwise significant lighthouses that are located within the inscribed area of a WHS

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Brazilian Atlantic Islands Various
Campeche Ex-Templo de San José: a lighthouse, complete with weather vane, atop the right spire.
Cape Floral Region Cape Point lighthouse, Old and New. The light of the new lighthouse is the most powerful on the South African coast.
Cilento and Vallo di Diano Licosa
Colonia del Sacramento 19C, coastal
Cordouan Lighthouse
Curonian Spit Pervalka lighthouse on the small island at the end of the Zirgai Horn (1900); also one in Nida.
Desembarco del Granma National Park Lighthouses of Cabo Cruz and Maisí, well-preserved works from the XIX Century that are examples of these construction systems (nomination file)
Dorset and East Devon Coast Portland Bill lighthouse: 20C construction, near two 18C ones that are not in use anymore
Dutch Water Defence Lines Battery near the IJ before Durgerdam (vuurtoreneiland)
Fertö/Neusiedlersee Neusiedlersee - Podersdorf
Fortress of Suomenlinna Suomenlinna has a unique church that was used as a lighthouse.
Galapagos Islands At least 4
Grand-Bassam 20C, coastal
Gros Morne National Park At Lobster Cove Head (still operational)
High Coast / Kvarken Archipelago Six lighthouses within the core zone. High Coast: Högbonden (1909), Skagsudde (1957) – Kvarken Archipelago: Norrskär (1846), Ritgrund (1863), Valassaaret (1886), Utgrynnan (1960)
Isole Eolie Lighthouse on Strombolicchio
Kasbah of Algiers
La Fortaleza and San Juan At El Morro. Current structure dates from 1908.
Lagoons of New Caledonia Phare Amédée
Leptis Magna The base of a 30-35m high lighthouse. It was a twin of one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, the Pharos of Alexandria.
Macao Lighthouse dating from 1865. It is the oldest Western-style lighthouse in Asia.
Mahabalipuram There is a watch tower located in a small hill apart from the caves which guided the traders coming through the sea for trade in this ancient trade port of Pallava kingdom. A fire will be let in this watch tower to guide the sea travelers during Pallava times. Just next to this watch tower is the light house taller than watch tower built by British. (
Melaka and George Town In front of St. Paul's church, built by the British
Nice Lighthouse at the entry to Lympia Port
Ningaloo Coast Vlamingh Head near the very top of Cape range NP
Odesa Vorontsov Lighthouse, since 1862: "The lighthouse is connected with the port's shoreline by a long stone causeway and jetty, which protect the port from the southern high seas."
Okinoshima Island "In 1905 an observation tower and lighthouse were constructed at the top of Mt. Ichinotake on the island" (nom file)
Old City of Acre Pisan lighthouse
Old Town of Galle Inside Galle Fort
Paphos This is a disused lighthouse which stands above a Roman amphitheater in Paphos. It is situated afew hundred meters from the sea.
Peninsula Valdes
Qal'at al-Bahrain Base of Ruined tower which was possibly a lighthouse
Red Bay Basque Whaling Station On Saddle Island
Rjukan / Notodden 10 of the original 11 lighthouses along Tinnsjøen Lake (1908/1939/1962) (AB ev)
Robben Island A small lighthouse on Minto Hill in the southern part of the island (1864).
Rock Islands Ngeremdiu lighthouse: old German Lighthouse, remains from turn of the 19th century mining efforts on Palau
San Pedro de la Roca Castle Dating from 1840
Sanganeb The lighthouse at Sanganeb Atoll is a historic building and is an important part of Sudan’s maritime heritage. Construction of the modern lighthouse was started in 1950, but there was a structure present at this site from at least 1907. See
Sceilg Mhichíl In the 19th century two lighthouses were built; the second lighthouse still operates
Schokland Replica of a lighthouse dating from 1915 at the old harbour of Emmeloord, with next to it the original house of the lighthouse keeper
Serra de Tramuntana 19th cent (AB ev)
Southern Öland Lange Jan Lighthouse located at the most southern point of Oland
St. Petersburg Several, including the 18C Tolbukhin lighthouse located on an artificial island in the Gulf of Finland which is still in use
Stevns Klint Two protected lighthouses
Syracuse The lighthouse of the Castello Maniace, which is green in colour (just as its light is green) (wiki)
Tower of Hercules "The Tower of Hercules has served as a lighthouse and landmark at the entrance of La Coruña harbour in north-western Spain since the late 1st century A.D. when the Romans built the Farum Brigantium." (Official description)
Tubbataha Reefs Tubbataha Lighthouse
Vegaøyan Bremstein lighthouse
Wadden Sea In the Hamburg Wadden Sea NP - on the island of Neuwerk - "The lighthouse existing today was built between 1367 and 1369 after a fire destroyed the earlier one. It is Hamburg's oldest existing building as well as Hamburg's last fortification" (it is 120 kms from Hamburg but is an administrative exclave!) - served as a lighthouse from 1814-2014
Walled City of Baku The Maiden Tower possibly once served as a lighthouse
West Lake Liuhe Pagoda is used as lighthouse for the Qiantang River (wiki)


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