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I've been traveling the world for five years now - two of which I spent as a teacher in South Korea.

While there I traveled practically every other weekend. After seeing so many places I was starting to get desperate for new places to go (as the world was in lockdown). I started looking into WHS, and now I've made it a point to try to go to them when I get the chance. 

I've now seen all but one in Korea (and many on the tentative list) but I missed both in Ireland on my recent trip due to weather and Covid :( 

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Fleur USA - 21-Dec-21

I have been to all but one of the UNESCO sites in South Korea. This is my favorite UNESCO site. And not just in Korea, but in the world.

Rome would be tied but Gyeongju represents (to me) what the World Heritage Site status should be doing - bringing incredible sites people otherwise wouldn't hear about into the foreground. Most people who do not live in Korea have never heard of it, and those who visit Korea typically stick to Seoul or Busan. Korea, perhaps surprisingly in an age with Korean music, food, cinema, and fashion sweeping the globe, doesn't advertise most of its amazing sites. The Jeju Lava Tubes are unlike anything I've seen before, and the dolmen sites at Gochang seem to go on forever. 

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