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Reduced from broader TWHS

WHS that were originally nominated to cover a broader area or more locations, but were reduced to the current area during the process before AB evaluation.

For reductions during/after AB evaluation, see this connection: Part of Cultural nomination rejected.

The connection belongs to World Heritage Process connections.

Connected Sites

  • Acropolis: TWHS originally included hellenistic, Roman and Neoclassical monuments of Athens.
  • Aqueduct of Padre Tembleque: Originally included also Town, Convent, Aqueduct and Water Tank of Tepeapulco and Archaeological Site of Xihuingo
  • Arab-Norman Palermo: Used to include botanic garden (Historic centre of Palermo, botanic garden and Monreale complex (1996)).
  • Archaeological site of Philippi: The 2014 T List entry for Philippi included the Battlefield and "The rock art in the Lekani foothills, approximately two kilometres east of the city of Krenides, depicting human and animal figures and the distinctive “horseman”.... The important mines in the area east of Philippi and northeast of the ancient port of Neapoli (modern-day Kavala), identified with those referred to by Herodotus and Thucydides as Skapte Hyle." The latter 2 elements didn't appear in the Nomination file but the Battlefield did as a "second component". ICOMOS didn't find "authenticity" and Greece removed it.
  • Assisi: TWHS originally included the work of Fra Angelico in Cortona.
  • Choirokoitia: TWHS originally included Tenta and Agios Dimitrios at Kalavassos.
  • Costiera Amalfitana: From Bay of Naples with Capri, Ischia and Procida
  • Dolomites: TWHS originally included further sections of the Alps including the Western Alps.
  • Early Christian Necropolis of Pécs: TWHS originally included later monuments, mainly art nouveau.
  • Great Burkhan Khaldun Mountain: The TWHS also consisted of 2 other sacred locations, Sacred Binder Mountain & Baldan Bereeven Monastery, which were deleted from the nomination before ICOMOS ev
  • Heritage of Mercury: TWHS originally included the Camino Real and San Luis Potosi, which were separately inscribed.
  • Holy Trinity Column: TWHS originally included the entire town centre
  • Malpelo: TWHS originally included Gorgona island.
  • Mount Carmel Caves: TWHS originally included Shaar HaGolan and Ovadia.
  • Mount Hamiguitan: TWHS originally included Mount Apo.
  • Nan Madol: Lelu was originally included
  • Qhapaq Ñan: Nomination was for 291 locations, 'only' 273 were inscribed
  • Ravenna: From 'Ravenna and Pomposa'
  • Rjukan / Notodden: Used to include Odda/Tyssedal Link
  • São Francisco Square: TWHS was originally a serial nomination of the Franciscan convents of North-East Brasil. After a deferral in 2008 the TWHS was reduced to Sao Cristovao alone.
  • Silk Roads: Only a part of the Kyrgyz section of the transnational nomination was inscribed. The inscribed as well as uninscribed sections still appear as TWHS, probably as an extension.
  • The trulli of Alberobello: Valley of Itria (1982)
  • Thessalonika: TWHS originally included archaeic and classical monuments of Thessaloniki.
  • Tusi Sites: Used to include a 4th location: Rongmei Tusi Site: N 29°56'16.4" , E 110°04'27.5" Link
  • Valparaiso: Historic Quarter of the Seaport City of Vaparaíso
  • Villa d'Este: TWHS originally included Villa Gregoriana as well.
  • Vineyard Landscape of Piedmont: Originally included 9 locations, which were removed before the final AB evaluation
  • Volubilis: TWHS originally included Moulay Idriss Zerhoun which is now a separate TWHS.
  • Wooden Churches of Southern Malopolska: TWHS comprised 9 wooden churches, the ones at Szalowa, Orawka and Lachowice were left out


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