Gertrude Bell

WHS photographed during her travels

The connection belongs to Individual People connections.

Connected Sites

Aleppo: Photo taken February 1909
Ancient Kyoto: Photo taken May 1903 (at Kinkaju-ji?)
Ashur: Photo taken April 1909
Baalbek: Photo taken June 1900
Bosra: Photo taken May 1900
Damascus: Photo taken Damascus 1911
Diyarbakir Fortress and Hevsel Gardens: She viewed the city walls in 1909
Hatra: Photo taken April 1911
Isole Eolie: Photo taken of Stromboli, December 1899
Istanbul: Photo taken July 1907
Nikko: Photo taken May / June 1903
Palmyra: Photo taken May 1900
Petra: Photo taken March 1900
Pyramids (Memphis): Photo of her, taken in 1923
Quseir Amra: Photo taken 1913/1914
Qu├ębec: Photo taken July 1903
Rome: Photo taken March 1910
Samarra: Photo taken April 1909
Trogir: Photo taken April 1910


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