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Ahwar of Southern Iraq Uruk
Al Zubarah sea canal
Al-Ahsa Oasis drainage canals
Amsterdam Canal Ring
Ancient Kingdom of Saba From Dam: "The main drains and diversion canals are only the part of the overall irrigation network still visible." (AB ev)
Aqueduct of Padre Tembleque The heritage canal system encompasses its water catchment area, springs, main and secondary canals, distribution tanks, arcaded aqueduct bridges, reservoirs and other auxiliary elements (AB ev)
Ayutthaya Ayutthaya Historic Zone has many canals and waterways
Bali Subak system for water management
Bamberg The inscribed centre includes some remains of the "Ludwig Canal" including "Lock 100" and quays/old cranes alongside the street "Am Kanal". The Ludwig Canal was built between 1836/46 as the first attempt to link the Main and Danube. See
Banska Stiavnica Network of canals connecting the water reservoirs
Beemster Polder
Blaenavon Industrial Landscape Brecknock and Abergavenny canal
Canal du Midi
City of Bath Kennet and Avon Canal
Colonies of Benevolence The Westerbeeksloot barge canal in Wilhelminaoord (...) was originally planned as a waterway. The Westerbeeksloot's main function these days is irrigation; due to low water levels, it can no longer accommodate shipping. The basis of the Veenhuizen component is formed by a straight main canal, the Kolonievaart, with six 'wijken', smaller perpendicular canals, at intervals of 750 metres. (Nomination file, p. 53, 63-65)
Cornwall and West Devon Mining Landscape Tavistock canal
Derwent Valley Mills
Dutch Water Defence Lines "... canals nave been built to drain the land" (AB ev)
Ferrara Canale San Nicolo-Medelana
Fontainebleau Henry IV pierced the wooded park with a 1200m canal (wiki)
Fort and Shalamar Gardens Gardens: "The site was chosen for its stable water supply. Ali Mardan Khan was responsible for most of the construction, and had a 100-mile-long canal built to bring water from the foothills of Kashmir to the site" (wiki)
Fortifications of Vauban Neuf-Brisach
Frontiers of the Roman Empire Antonine Wall: when a new section of the Union Canal was built in 2000 a Tunnel was built under the wall to avoid damaging it.
Grand Canal Includes 10 main sections of canals
Great Spa Towns of Europe The Kennet and Avon Canal cuts through the Sydney Gardens in the City of Bath. (Nomination File, p. 289)
Ironbridge Gorge Shropshire Canal
Las Medulas Roman canals
Lower German Limes Corbulo's Canal "The second canal has been firmly attested by archaeological excavation. It was built to connect the Rhine to the river Meuse further south, just behind the coastal barriers, to avoid the risks of a passage by sea. Its course has been recorded over a distance of at least 11 km ...Roman canals are extremely rare, and this excellently preserved example is a vivid illustration of the pains taken by the Roman army to improve the infrastructure of the river delta." (Nom file).
Mexico City and Xochimilco Xochimilco
Mount Athos Xerxes Canal (now only remains)
Paquimé The potable water consumed by the inhabitants was distributed by a canal running down from a spring 5km to the north. Water was distributed to the houses through subterranean canals, based on a system that worked by gravity. (information panel on site)
Pasargadae Pasargadae is also home to a complex water supply system for the time that comprises cisterns, tunnels, underground canals, and ducts, which are locally known as qanats.
Pontcysyllte Aqueduct and Canal
Provins "Some of the canals have been covered, but most still remain as in the Middle Ages."
Rammelsberg and Goslar Oberharzer Gräben
Rideau Canal slackwater and military canal
Saltaire Leeds and Liverpool canal
Santa Ana de los Rios de Cuenca Especially important in the low sector is the presence of a great canal 350 meters long, with systems of baths and pools for collecting water (nom file - Pumapongo)
Sian Ka'an Recently, a 24 km Mayan artificial canal was discovered (Unesco website)
Site of Xanadu Remains of the Tiefan’gan Canal
Solovetsky Islands Made by monks between the 16th and the 20th centuries, the canals connect over 60 lakes on Bolshoi Solovetsky Island.
Speicherstadt and Kontorhaus District "Speicherstadt, the “city of warehouses,” includes....... a connecting network of canals and bridges" (AB)
St. Petersburg Kronstadt - The Peter and Catherine Canals, Ligovsky Canal
Stralsund and Wismar The "Grube" in Wismar is "the last artificial mediaeval waterway to be preserved in an old city in Northern Germany" (Nom File)
Studley Royal Park The River Skell was straightened out into a canal
The Four Lifts Canal du Centre
Venice and its Lagoon
Vienna Danube canal
Water Management System of Augsburg network of canals


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