Protective Shelters

Sites where a modern "shelter" (often in the form of a steel shed) has been erected over a significant part of the site to protect it from the elements.

Connected Sites

Site Rationale Link
Archaeological site of Philippi The mosaics of the Octagon are covered by a large protective shelter
Arslantepe Mound The site has been protected with an innovative roofing system. (Nomination Text, p. 56)
Ban Chiang "The Ban Chiang excavation site is protected from damage with a secured shelter. " (official description UNESCO website)
Biblical Tells Hatzor palace
Danube Limes Several components are protected by shelters, e.g. the well preserved walls of the burgus of Passau Haibach (ID No 9c), Kleinkastell Oberranna (ID No 10), the bath house in Schlögen (ID No 11a) and the porta principalis dextra of the fort in Tulln (ID No 27b). (Nomination file, p. 62, 66, 76)
Great Zimbabwe Both Great Enclosure and Hill Ruins hold remains of Daga Huts under a reed-covered structure.
Hiraizumi Protective shelter of Konjikido Hall in Chusonji Temple
Ironbridge Gorge Over the Old Furnace in Coalbrookdale
Jelling The stones are protected by glass covers. A competition to design them took place in 2010 and the project was inaugurated in Dec 2011
Jewish-Medieval heritage of Erfurt The Mikveh lies under a concrete protective building.
Joya de Ceren 3 separate covered areas
Kerkuane The House of Tanit is under a protective shelter.
Kotor The Roman mosaics at Risan
Lalibela Supposedly temporary during restoration - in Oct 08 new structures were opened to replace others 10 years old ("The churches that were covered with shelters are: Biet medhane-Alem, Biet Mariam, Biet Masqal, Bier Ammanuel and Biet Abba-Libanos")
Longobards in Italy Castelseprio-Torba: at the basilica parts of the original floor are under a protective shelter
Lower German Limes A protective structure was built over the foundation walls of the thermal baths of Colonia Ulpia Traiana (Xanten), which imitates the ancient shape of the building and has housed the Roman Museum since 2008. (wiki)
Lumbini Building covers the ancient ruins
Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor Complete buildings safeguard the Terracotta Warriers
Megalithic Temples of Malta Hagar Qim and Mnajdra Temples are protected by big tents to prevent erosion.
Mérida Covering the Roman mosaics
Ohrid Region The mosaics at the early Basilica are covered from the sun by a roof structure
Panamá Salon Bolivar: The little museum is entirely enclosed by glass to protect it and is actually in the courtyard of another building, the massive Palacio Bolívar
Paphos Mosaics
Peking Man Site "..the government built a shelter covering some 3,700 square meters around the cave. The protective shelter is an environmental-friendly iron structure with plants on the roof and a series of high-tech systems in place to monitor and protect the cave. "
Persepolis The Apadana Staircase has been protected by a roof since the mid 1990s
Petra The Byzantine Church with its mosaics is covered
Petroglyphs of the Lake Onega and the White Sea Besovy Sledki
Polonnaruva Gal Vihara
Quanzhou Protective shelter at the Sites of Cizao Kilns and Dehua Kilns (Nomination file, p. 404, 406-407)
Quirigua The stelae stand under thatched coverings
Red Bay Basque Whaling Station The excavation sites have been reburied for protection, or are underwater, covered by tarpaulins. Few elements are immediately visible to the inexpert visitor. (AB ev)
Roșia Montană "A temporary shelter has been built to cover the circular funerary structure at the Hop necropolis." (ABev 2018)
Ruins of León Viejo Several buildings
San Agustín
ShUM Sites The Mikvah in Speyer.
Si Thep The stucco dwarfs are underneath a metal roof shelter.
Silk Roads Chang'an-Tianshan Corridor Danfeng Gate Xian - the new "reconstructed" gate is in fact a protective shelter suspended over the archaeological remains which are visible inside the "new" gate. The Nomination file only shows photos of the site before the reconstruction and states "After excavation, Danfeng Gate is protectively covered by shelter, and opened for exhibition. The covering shelter was built with an architectural and artistic attempt to imitate a Tang Dynasty style." See
Taxila Jaulian Monastery
Temple of Apollo Epicurius at Bassae Covered by a large tent
Thang Long Archaeological sites
Um er-Rasas over St Stephen's Church and part of the Church of the Lions (Unesco website)
Villa Romana del Casale Plexi glass covering protects the mosaics
Xochicalco Over the Rampa de los Animales
Yin Xu Archeological sites
Çatalhöyük "Each mound hosts a large shelter that contains the digs." (wikivoyage)


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