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Würzburg Residence

Leafar98 Poland - 21-May-24

During my visit to Wurzburg, I couldn't miss the Residence. It is definitely impressive, especially from the inside. What's even more impressive than the building itself, is the fact that it was almost completely destroyed as a result of the British bombing during the World War Two and rebuilt after that. The building used to be the residence of Wurzburg bishops and now is open for the public and it is one of the best example of the Baroque palaces in Europe. The gardens also look great, but after seeing the interior, they don't impress that much, but they are worth visiting anyway.

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Leafar98 Poland - 23-Sep-23

I have visited the walled town of Avignon on a school trip few years ago. The city is beautiful and totally deserves its place on the WHS list. Our visit started from the bridge, or more precisely, half of it, which definitely is one of the highlights of this site. The bridge is impressive and unique, which corresponds to its interesting history. There is a legend about the origins of the bridge, which I also found interesting. Then, we visited the palace and had a pleasant walk around this charming city. It is very easy to get lost there, but even easier to fall in love in the place! I definitely recommend it to everyone. Another important sight of the town is the Notre-Dame Cathedral

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Leafar98 Poland - 21-Sep-23

I had always wanted to visit Riga and last year I finally managed to do that. It was my first Baltic capital and it is still the only one. I really loved the Old Town, the architecture is absolutely stunning. Lots of historic, colorful buildings, among which the most outstanding one is the House of the Black Heads. I also enjoyed visiting the Central Market, which had amazing atmosphere (however I didn't buy anything there). Riga is the capital, but it is not overwhelming, so the visit is actually pleasant, even though you will probably meet many tourists. The mix of the Baltic and Russian culture is clearly visible here, but that is a plus. I also recommend the Latvian War Museum located in the Powder Tower that used to serve as a part of the city's fortification

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Kalwaria Zebrzydowska

Leafar98 Poland - 21-Sep-23

The church is big and impressive, but there is not much to do if you are not religious. If you are in the area, you can go there, but definitely not worth a separate visit itself. While I enjoyed my visit in the town and walking around it, I don't feel like it deserves to be a WHS. I recommend walking to the main square and back. I went there, because it was the closest WHS from my home that I haven't visited and I didn't have any plans for the day. Anyway I spend some time on the main square, because I didn't want to leave so early, but after I come back to the church, I decided to go to Wadowice as I haven't been there too and it was on my way home. I have also visited a park next to the church. It is nice, but I have seen better parks.

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