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Gulf of California 19-Jun-06

Visit the Gulf of California's crystal-clear waters and you'll thank God you learned to swim. You won't know which way to look as hundreds of fish species swim around you, going about their day in this sunny stretch of water.

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Provins 19-Jun-06

When I was living in France, I bought an annual train pass for the local lines, and on days when I didn't have other plans I would go to the nearest train station, get on whatever train was leaving soonest, and ride it to the end of the line.

This is how I discovered Provins.

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Name: Ashley Waddell

Country: United States of America

Visited WHS: 45

Most Impressive: Mont Saint Michel and Vezelay, both in France, are amazing -- but for sheer jaw-dropping beauty, nothing beats the Grand Canyon!

Proposal New WHS: Channel Islands National Park, off the coast of California. (Although if it became a World Heritage Site, maybe more people would visit -- so I take that back!)