Pyramidal-shaped WHS (excluding Ziggurats, which have their own connection)

The connection belongs to Constructions connections.

Connected Sites

Agadez: Its 27 metre tall minaret is in the form of a truncated pyramid. (AB ev)
Ancient villages of Northern Syria: "Al-Bara.... is renowned for its 6th century pyramidal tombs" (AB ev)
Angkor: Baksei Chamkrong, Ak Yum and other temples are pyramidal
Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe: 40 m high pyramid (AB ev)
Borobudur: a general design similar to the shape of pyramid (wiki)
Chan Chan: Huaca Obispo
Crespi d'Adda: Crespi chapel - a decorated tower-pyramid (official website)
Koguryo Kingdom: Tomb of the General
Kremlin and Red Square: Red Square - Lenin's Mausoleum
Meroe: several pyramidal funerary monuments
Polonnaruva: Sathmahal Prasada, a pyramid shaped, seven storied building, thought to be an unusually shaped stupa.
Potsdam: In Neuer Garten
Quebrada de Humahuaca: At the Pucara in Tilcara: ... stands a monument resembling a pyramid with a truncated top. It is a tribute to archeologists Juan D. Ambrosetti, Salvador Debenedetti and Eric Boman, and it was built by architect Mart?n Noel in 1935.
Rome: Pyramid of Cestius
Tequila: Teuchitlan site of Guachimontones, '..In the centre is an extant multi-layered circular pyramid with four staircases'
Tiwanaku: The Akapana Pyramid
Tomb of Askia: The tomb is pyramidal
Vienna: memorial to Archduchess Maria Christina of Austria sculpted by Antonio Canova, in the Augustinian Church


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