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Amsterdam Canal Ring Diamonds Are Forever (1971)
Ancient Thebes The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)
Blue and John Crow Mountains The Blue Mountains appear in the first James Bond movie Dr No
Corfu For Your Eyes Only (1981)
Dolomites For Your Eyes Only (1981)
Gorham's Cave Complex Gibraltar's Mediterranean Steps of the Gorham's Cave WHS can be seen in the opening combat scenes of The Living Daylights (1987)
Great Spa Towns of Europe Casino Royale is shot in and around Karlovy Vary (Emperor Spa): the Grandhotel Pupp in Karlsbad functions as the Splendide Hotel in Montenegro, the Mill Colonnade as the train station.
Ha Long Bay – Cat Ba Archipelago Halong Bay is mentioned in Tomorrow Never Dies (1997) although the 1997 film was never shot in Vietnam. Same for The Man With The Golden Gun. Both were filmed in Phang Nga Bay, Thailand.
Himeji-jo You Only Live Twice (1967)
Historic Cairo The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)
Iguacu Moonraker (1979)
Iguazu National Park Moonraker (1979)
Istanbul From Russia with Love (1963), Skyfall
Kii Mountain Range You Only Live Twice (1967): Bond's 'wedding' takes place at Nachi.
Kotor Casino Royal
Kremlin and Red Square It was seen in several Bond films including The Spy Who Loved Me, Moonraker, For Your Eyes Only and Octopussy.
Ksar of Aït Ben Haddou The Living Daylights (1987)
Maritime Greenwich Skyfall (2012)
Matera No Time to Die (2021)
Meteora For Your Eyes Only (1981)
Mexico City and Xochimilco Licence to Kill (1989) and Spectre (2015): Sanchez's 'Banco De Isthmus', in which Bond makes a temptingly substantial deposit, is the astonishingly elaborate (and still functioning) main Post Office of Mexico City, the Oficina Central de Correos, Calle Tacuba 1 y Eje Central Lázaro Cárdenas, alongside the Bellas Artes Palace. El Presidente', the hotel, in which Bond stays with Pam Bouvier (Carey Lowell), is the splendid art nouveau Gran Hotel Ciudad De Mexico, Calle 16 de Septiembre at the Zocale, the Mexico City's gigantic square. It was built in 1899 to accommodate the Centro Mercantil, Mexico City's first shopping centre. The modest exterior, though, is the Biblioteca de la Banca de Mexico (Library of the Bank of Mexico). The Gran Hotel's lobby crops up again in the opening sequence of 2015's Spectre, with Daniel Craigas 007. Sanchez's office is El Teatro de la Ciudad (The City Theatre), 36 Donceles, the city's first theatre, dating from 1918. After having been closed for many years, it's now been restored to its art nouveausplendour. The 'Isthmus Casino', in which Lupe Lamora (Taliso Soto) gives Bond a little help, is the lavish restaurant Casino Espanol, Isabel la Católica 31- 1, Colonia Centro.
Nubian Monuments The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)
Paris, Banks of the Seine A View to a Kill (1985), Moonraker (1979)
Pyramids (Memphis) The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)
Rio de Janeiro Moonraker (1979) (Sugarloaf mountain and Christ the Redeemer Statue)
Rome Spectre (2015)
Schönbrunn The Living Daylights (1987)
Siena Quantum of Solace (2008)
Sites of Japan's Meiji Industrial Revolution Skyfall was shot on Hashima Island
St. Petersburg GoldenEye (1995)
Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969)
Taj Mahal Octopussy (1983)
Tikal National Park Moonraker (1979)
Vatican City Spectre (2015)
Vatnajökull National Park Lake Jökulsárlón in Vatnajökull National Park has been used for the filming of two James Bond movies: A View to a Kill and Die Another Day.
Venice and its Lagoon From Russia with Love (1963), Casino Royale (2006)
Vienna The Living Daylights (1987)
Westminster Dr. No (1962), Westminster appears in opening helicopter hijack scenes of For Your Eyes Only (1981)


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