The Historic City of Dublin

The Historic City of Dublin is part of the Tentative list of Ireland in order to qualify for inclusion in the World Heritage List.

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Kyle Magnuson

California - United States of America - 25-Aug-18 -

The Historic City of Dublin (T) by Kyle Magnuson

I wasn't trying to visit Dublin, but fate intervened. I had a layover, which was diverted to Shannon. Unfortunately, this made us miss our cross-Atlantic flight! Therefore, I had the better part of a day in Ireland with my 24 hour visa. 

We got to enjoy a splendidly different environment from our primary destinations. We used the double-decker buses to access the historic centre and walked much of the city. Not only did we have a wonderful time, Dublin turned out to be a perfect end to our latest trip to Europe. 

Some quick research guided my walk. The Custom House (1791) has a pleasant location on the River Liffey. Dublin's "extraordinary contribution to world literature" is highlighted throughout the city in statues or plaques that dot the cityscape. Georgian architecture is interspersed throughout the city, but particularly abundant near the river.

I found Trinity College to be particularly interesting, one for its architecture, but also for its historic importance as one of the major universities of Europe. The alumni mentioned in the UNESCO description who made such notable contributions to world literature are represented primarily in statues and intangible meaning rather than the University that produced them? It is perhaps surprising such a major component of Dublin's historic centre is not mentioned in the nomination.

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Malta - 10-Feb-13 -

As much as I enjoyed Dublin, I really don't think that it deserves to be listed in the WH list. To much urbanisation although interesting to visit!

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