WHS which include lagoons.

Connected Sites

Site Rationale Link
Ahwar of Southern Iraq Eridu was originally located in a lagoon
Aldabra Atoll
Atlantic Forest South-East
Belize Barrier Reef
Brazilian Atlantic Islands Atol das Rocas "Isolated and pristine atoll with large lagoon".
Butrint Lake Butrint is a saltwater lagoon
Chinchorro Culture In the area surrounding the mouth of the Camarones River, current surface run-off conditions generate a small lagoon adjacent to the beach area, where the wetlands are located. (Chinchorro Culture Nomination Text, p. 130)
Curonian Spit The Curonian Spit divides the Curonian Lagoon from the sea. Parts of the lagoon are within the inscribed area.
Danube Delta Includes, inter alia, the Razelm-Sinoie lagoon Complex which "comprises several large backinsh lagoons separated from the sea by a sandbar" (AB eval)
Dorset and East Devon Coast The body of water behind Chesil Beach is called "The Fleet Lagoon"
East Rennell
Ferrara The lagoons of Comacchio (1999 AB Ev)
Galapagos Islands
Great Barrier Reef
Henderson Island
Ibiza On Espalmador, the largest islet, there is an enclosed inland lagoon. These lagoons have long been used commercially as salt pans. (UNEP-WCMC)
Ichkeul National Park
Island of Saint-Louis The entire settlement is situated in a magnificent lagoon formed by the two arms of the Senegal River (AB ev)
Lagoons of New Caledonia
Namib Sand Sea Sandwich Harbour
Okavango Delta
Peninsula Valdes
Phoenix Islands There are three atoll islands with associated lagoons (AB ev)
Rock Islands surrounded by a lagoon (AB ev)
Sanganeb The nominated property and its surrounding area include reef systems (13 different bio-physiographic reef zones in SMNP), atoll, lagoon .. (AB ev)
Shark Bay Shark Bay's "attractions are also supplemented by secondary features such as Shell Beach, Big Lagoon and the Zuytdorp Cliffs which combine to add even further interest to the area"
Sian Ka'an Many coastal lagoons e.g search for lagoon in this UN document
Socotra Archipelago Several - Nom file mentions inter alia Qalansiya, Suq and Diduah Lagoons and the former is an important bird watching location
Tubbataha Reefs "Classic atoll reef with an altitude of 2m to 100m deep with associated lagoon of 24m deep."
Venice and its Lagoon
Whale Sanctuary of El Vizcaino two lagoons - Ojo de Liebre and San Ignacio


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