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Derived from more than one TWHS

Sites that appeared as more than one T-site (extensions excluded as well as multinational sites with one T-site per country).

The connection belongs to World Heritage Process connections.

Connected Sites

  • Ahwar of Southern Iraq: Ur & Marshlands of Mesopotamia
  • Ancient ksours: The 4 ksours appeared as separate entries on the T List
  • Ancient villages of Northern Syria: Qal' at Sem'an (Saint-Syméon), Sergilla and L'église de Qalbe Loze previously appeared separately on Syria's T List
  • Arab-Norman Palermo: Palermo and Monreale Cathedral (1995) and Cattedrale di Cefalu' e abitato storico (1998)
  • Atlantic Forest South-East: "Lagoon complex of Iguape" and "Paranapiacaba - Upper Ribeira"
  • Baekje Historic Areas: Combination of former TWHS Gongju and Buyeo Historic Sites and Iksan Historic Areas (both 2010)
  • Cilento and Vallo di Diano: Paestum, Posidonia and Certosa di Padula
  • Gebel Barkal: Gebel Barkal and El Kurru
  • Grand Canal: Includes former TWHS Extension Project of Classical Gardens of Suzhou: Classical Gardens of Suzhou and Historical Street Blocks (2008) and The Ancient Venetian Township in the South of Yangtze River - Nanxun
  • Hierapolis-Pamukkale: Originally two separate nominations (Hierapolis and Pamukkale).
  • Hill Forts of Rajasthan: Chittorgarh Fort and Hill Forts of Rajasthan
  • Kunta Kinteh Island: Includes Former TWHS James Island and Fort Bullen
  • Land of Frankincense: Khor Rori (ancient Sumhuram) and Al-Balid, ancient Zofar
  • Loire Valley: Includes former TWHS Abbaye de Fontevrault; Saint-Benoit-sur-Loire; Chateau et domaine de Chambord; Chateau de Blois
  • Longobards in Italy: Includes the former TWHS Monte Sant'Angelo (2006), Santa Giulia-San Salvatore (1979), Santuario Rupestre of Olevano sul Tusciano, and part of Spoleto and Tempietto sul Clitunno (1996)
  • Mantua and Sabbioneta: Mantua and Sabbioneta were originally separate nominations
  • Meroe: Meroe, Naqa and Musawwarat es-Sufra all appeared separately on the T List
  • Mount Wutai: Foguang Monastery and Foguang Temple
  • Paris, Banks of the Seine: Includes former TWHS Hotel des Invalides de Paris, Tour Eiffel, Sainte-Chapelle de Paris
  • Petroglyphs of the Mongolian Altai: Includes former TWHS Tsagaan salaa rock painting (1996) and The Upper Tsagaan Gol Complex (2009)
  • Pompei: Pompei and Ercolano
  • Primeval Beech Forests: Poloniny Vorgom Forests and Primeval Forests of Slovakia (Slovak section)
  • Rabat: Includes former TWHS Kasbah of the Udayas, Tour Hassan, Site de Chellah & Ville antique de Sala
  • Residences of the Royal House of Savoy: From former TWHS Torino le dimore sabaude - & Stupingi
  • Rio Abiseo National Park: Pajaten Archaeological Complex and Rio Abiseo National Park
  • Route of Santiago de Compostela: Includes now former TWHS Eunate - Iglesia de Sta Maria, Burgos - Monasterio de las Huelgos, Jaca - Cathedral of San Pedro Apostol, Torres Del Rio - Iglesia del Santo Seplucro, Burgos - Miraflores Charterhouse (Monastery), Najera - Sta Maria la Real (inc in Compos route), Leon - Basilica of San Isidoro, Leon - Catedral de Sta Maria (all 1995), Conjunto fortificado de Pamplona (1998
  • Routes of Santiago de Compostela in France: Includes former TWHS Saint Sernin de Toulouse, Abbaye (et village) de Conques, Moissac
  • Royal Palace at Caserta: Caserta-Stupinigi and St. Leucio and Aquedotto Vanvitelliano
  • Samarkand: Includes former TWHS Afrasiab and Ulughbek Observatory
  • Silk Roads: Includes the following former Chinese TWHS: The Remains of Chang'an City of the Han Dynasty, The Silk Road (Chinese Section), The Ruins of Daming Palace of the Tang Dynasty, The Ruins of Jiaohe Ancient City
  • Xidi and Hongcun: Formerly appeared on T List as separate entries: Xidi Ancient Human Settlements & Hongcun Ancient Human Settlements (1999)


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