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I am a travel enthusiast who is obsessed with different cultures, the natural worlds' wonders, and history. I love visiting UNESCO Sites and international National Parks. My life goal is to visit every UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Waterton Glacier International Peace Park

Klein VerHill USA - 11-Apr-16

I traveled through the Canadian part of Waterton Glacier International Peace Park in the summer of 2015. I stopped at the iconic Prince of Wales Hotel. I might have been expecting it to be a bit more old fashioned when it came to the building material, but the wood and paint was rather new. It wasn't bad, but not what I was expecting.

I then took a ferry across Waterton Lake to the Crypt Lake Trailhead. The Crypt Lake trail is about 11 miles round trip, and you gain roughly 2,300 feet in elevation. The hike starts out in a pine and aspen forest, and gradually reaches the alpine tundra and exposed rock fields.

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