Natural sites filling gaps cited by IUCN

Natural WHS that have been entered after the 2003/2004 publication of the "Filling the Gaps" document, which points out underrepresented themes and areas.

Filling the Gaps

Connected Sites

Site Rationale Link
Blue and John Crow Mountains The BJCM has also been identified as a gap in representation of World Heritage sites: it belongs to a Centre of Plant Diversity and an Udvardy biogeographic province not yet represented on the List and as noted above it overlaps with one of 78 most irreplaceable protected areas in the world (AB ev)
Cape Floral Region Cape Floral habitat
Chaîne des Puys ".. illustrate the overall continental break-up process and, thus, may becconsidered to fill a gap on the World Heritage List with regard to the theme of continental rifting." (AB ev)
Dolomites stratigraphy
Gulf of California Gulf of California ecoregion
Hyrcanian Forests Hyrcanian Forests Centre of Plant Diversity which is not yet represented on the World Heritage List and has been identified as a gap. Furthermore the nominated property is situated in the terrestrial ecoregions (Caspian Hyrcanian Mixed Forests and Elburz Range Forest Steppe) which are also not currently represented on the World Heritage List. (AB ev)
Ilulissat Icefjord Polar systems (Arctic)
Kenya Lake System Rift Valley Lakes habitat
Lakes of Ounianga Sudd-Sahelian savanna and flooded grasslands ecoregion
Lena Pillars tundra
Los Alerces National Park rainforests of Southern Chile
Mount Hamiguitan tropical montane forests of Sumatra, Philippines and Sulawesi
Namib Sand Sea Namib and Kalahari deserts habitat
Okavango Delta habitats: flooded grasslands such as Okavango and the Sudd Swamps
Putorana Plateau tundra
Rainforests of the Atsinanana Madagascar moist forests ecoregion
Rock Islands Palau ecoregion
Sanganeb Red Sea corals
Socotra Archipelago Socotra ecoregion
Swiss Tectonic Arena Sardona tectonic sites
Tajik National Park tectonic sites
Tehuacán-Cuicatlán Valley the TCV region has been identified in various past studies as a gap on the World Heritage List in terms of exceptional biodiversity values (IUCN ev)
Tropical Rainforest Sumatra tropical montane forests of Sumatra, Philippines and Sulawesi
Vredefort Dome meteorite impact
Wadden Sea European saline wetlands
Western Ghats Western Ghats ecoregion
Wrangel Island Tundra
Xinjiang Tianshan cold winter desert - Taklamakan


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