WHS containing a historical granary. A granary is a storehouse or room in a barn for threshed grain or animal feed.

Connected Sites

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Ancient Thebes The Ramessuem - " behind the temple and the palace, were huge and extensive storerooms. Most of them appear to have been for grain, and had a hole in the roof through which sacks of corn could be poured. Barry Kemp has calculated that to fill all the granaries would have taken 226,328 sacks of grain, which would have been enough to feed 3,400 families for a year, and assuming an average sized family, this would mean 17,000 to 20,000 people" See
Cliff of Bandiagara the region is rich in unique architecture, ranging from flat-roofed huts to unusual tapering, granaries each capped with thatch, .. (AB ev)
Danube Limes Passau Altstadt – Kastell (ID No9a): "(...) the excavations revealed well preserved structural remains of a granary that was part of the Late Roman fort. The walls of this granary are preserved up to a height of 1.3 m and have 1.5 m thick foundations." (Nomination file, p. 65) + Zeiselmauer – Kastell Kastentor (ID 28d): The excellent state of preservation of the complex is explained by its later use as a granary (tithe barn) by the Bishopric of Passau.
Dholavira: A Harappan City and in the southeast part is located a large granary (AB ev)
Florence The third floor of the Orsanmichele "housed one of the city's municipal grain storehouses, maintained to withstand famine or siege."
Frontiers of the Roman Empire Saalburg granary (now an exhibition room)
Holasovice Farmstead No 3... On entering the main gate the visitor finds a two-storey granary on the left (AB ev)
Khami Ruins There's a structure called "Grain Bin"
Kladruby nad Labem
Koutammakou Some of the buildings include granaries (AB ev)
Ksar of Aït Ben Haddou fortified granary
Lake District Remains at Hardknott Roman Fort
Lübeck Zeughaus
Mapungubwe On top of Mapungubwe Hill
Moenjodaro "Great Granary"
Mycenae and Tiryns Mycenae, near the Lion Gate "Beyond the gate and inside the citadel was a covered court with a small chamber, which probably functioned as a guard post. On the right, adjacent to the wall, was a building that has been identified as a granary because of the pithoi found there containing carbonized wheat" (Wiki)
Risco Caido The landscape includes former granaries
San Antonio Missions At Mission San José (see link), and archaeological remains of a granary at Mission Concepción (AB ev)
Torun Renaissance Granary, Gothic Granary


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