Contains significant structures from the 20th Century

WHS that hold an important structure from the 20th century, while the main part of the WHS itself belongs to an earlier century

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Ancient Thebes New Gourna: built by Hassan Fathy, one of the best-known (and to me only-known) Egyptian architects of the 20th century, and is considered a prime example of the fusion of Modern architecture with traditional building techniques
Belfries While most belfries date from before the 20th century, some belfries that are part of the WHS have been built in the 20th century, e.g. Calais, Charleroi, Eeklo, Lille, Roeselare. Some of them have also been completely rebuilt after the First World War, e.g. Armentières, Bailleul, Diksmuide, Ieper, Nieuwpoort.
Bordeaux Mériadeck
Changdeokgung Palace Complex "The last building to be added was the New Sonwonjon Shrine, which was constructed in 1921 to house the ancestral royal portraits. Originally sited beside the Injongjon (throne hall), it was moved during the Japanese occupation to a less important location in the north-east corner of the compound." - AB Evaluation
Ferrara The Torre della Vittoria, adjacent to the Palazzo Municipale, was reconstructed in 1924-1928, centuries after the collapse of the tower previously located in the same position because of the 1570 earthquake.
Florence Firenze Santa Maria Novella railway station: rebuilt in 1934, "a prime example of Italian modernism"
Kew Gardens Princess of Wales Conservatory (1987)
Mexico City and Xochimilco • Torre Latinoamericana: built 1948-1956 and with 182 meters, it was the highest building of Latin America between 1956 and 1960 and stood out when built for its anti-seismic design. It is also considered a masterpiece of "International Style" in the region. At Eje Central Lázaro Cárdenas 2.
Mount Wutai Mount Wutai's Longquan Temple was rebuilt and totally redesigned to show the art of Republic of China 50 years ago
Paris, Banks of the Seine Palais de Chaillot
Paseo del Prado and Buen Retiro Casa Sindical
Prague Dancing house by Frank Gehry and Vlado Milunic (1992-1996)
Rio de Janeiro Christ the Redeemer (1931)
Roskilde Cathedral Burial Site of King Frederick IX and Queen Ingrid (1985)
Royal Joseon Tombs "Hongneung of Emperor Gojong" (1852-1919, Reigned 1863-1907) - Tomb 34 and "Yureung of Emperor Sunjong" (1874-1926, Reigned 1907-1910, Nom file states tomb constructed 1923) - Tomb 35
San Cristobal de La Laguna San Cristóbal also has some good 20th century architecture, such as the Palace of Rodriguez de Azero and the Leal Theatre, both fine examples of Eclecticism (AB ev)
San Marino and Mount Titano The Casa Piccola del Comune or Parva Domus (1929), Tribunal (1920) (Nomination file, p. 37-38)
Sansa, Buddhist Mountain Monasteries Beopjusa Temple "A large 20th century statue of Maitreya stands within the temple" - ICOMOS
Speicherstadt and Kontorhaus District Chilehaus (1924)
The Porticoes of Bologna The edificio porticato del quartiere Barca (component 11), was built in the post-war period as a response to major housing needs. It stands in a peripheral neighborhood and it plays a pivotal urban role as it houses shops and services at the ground floor. (AB ev)
University of Coimbra the 1940s development of 'University City' (AB ev)
Vienna Postsparkasse by Otto Wagner (1906), Loos House by Adolf Loos (1909), American Bar by Adolf Loos (1910), Haas House by Hans Hollein (1990) - all of which are architecturally significant buildings
Völklingen Ironworks Although commenced in the 19th century significant additional plants and technical innovation date to the 20th century. e.g "A sixth blast-furnace was built in 1903, and in 1911 the new charging platform was constructed, supplied by an electrically driven suspendedc onveyor system for coke and ore; this was the largest system of its kind when it was built. Völklingen was the first ironworks in the world to take dry gas purification technology beyond the experimental stage, installing the plant in 1911. The final major addition to the Volklingen complex was the large ore-sintering plant; after experimenting with ladle-type sintering, the company installed a large belt-type system in 1928-30." (AB eval)


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