Bazaars and Market Halls

Monumental covered / permanent enclosed markets (opposite to market places in the open air).

Connected Sites

Site Rationale Link
Al-Ahsa Oasis al-Qaysariyah market for food, spices and fabric (AB ev)
Aleppo Souk
Bahla Fort the inscription include souq, the Bahla Souq with few covered market halls.
Belfries The belfry's "imposing volume formed either an isolated feature or a central or lateral element of the market halls, themselves often rebuilt in stone at an early date." (1999 AB Ev) Market halls are included in Bruges, Dendermonde, Ghent, Herentals, Mechelen, Nieuwpoort, Roeselare, Sint-Truiden and Ypres.
Brugge The "Stadshallen" were a commercial and administrative complex that served as a place for commercial activities and storage.
Bukhara Tak-i Zargaron, a multiple dome-covered bazaar
Cornwall and West Devon Mining Landscape Tavistock
Damascus Al-Hamidiyah Souk
Diamantina Old Market Hall (constructed in 1835)
Florence Saint Lawrence's Market, made of cast iron and glass
Guanajuato Mercado Hidalgo
Hebron/Al-Khalil Old Town
Historic Cairo Khan el-Khalili
Istanbul Grand Bazaar
Kraków Underneath the Cloth Market at the Rynok Square
Medina of Tunis Souq el-Attarine
Meidan Emam, Esfahan Isfahan Grand Bazaar
Old City of Acre Souk
Old City of Jerusalem Cotton Market, the Cardo
Oporto Mercado do Bolhão
Padua’s fourteenth-century fresco cycles "The Palazzo della Ragione is a medieval market hall, town hall and palace of justice building in Padua (...) the ground floor still hosts the historical covered market of the city."
Plečnik's Ljubljana Plecnik's Market (Nomination file, p. 64-67)
Red Fort Chhatta Chowk and Meena Bazaar in the Red Fort Complex
Salvador de Bahia Mercado Modelo
Samarkand Siyob Bazaar
Selimiye Mosque covered Arasta bazaar
Split Fish Market Hall
Stone Town of Zanzibar Darajani Market
São Luis Mercado das Tulhas (19th century)
Tabriz Bazaar
Yazd Khan Bazaar


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