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I have been trying to get to as many world hertitage sites as possible since i found the list on internet a few yers ago. It fits very good with my love of travelling and my obsession with all kinds of lists.

My dream jouney right now is in the trace of Marco Polo, from Jerusalem to Beijing, over Iran, Centra Asia and China.

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Statue of Liberty

Axel Fries Sweden - 31-Mar-06

This, in my opinion, feels more like a must see when you are in New York City than a place really woth visting. When I was here in July the queues was awfully long just to get on the boats out here and of course even worse to get inside the statue. The lady is impressive but there are so much more intersting places to visit in this city, I wonder why Manhattan's skyscrapers isn't on the list. The boats also stops at the immigration museum on Ellis Island, which in my opinion is much more interesting.

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Sceilg Mhichíl

Axel Fries Sweden - 24-Jan-06

Skellig Michael is a tiny island and you have to go there by a small boat, the joutney takes about an hour and the prize is a steep 35 euro but I manged to get it down to 20. The island rises 240m from the sea and you have to climb stairs all the way up to top to visit the very well preserved monastery.

Skellig Michael is inscribed by UNESCO as a cultural heritage but the natural beauty and the wildlife is even more stunning. Puffins and other birds have their nests everywhere on the island. They dive out from the cliffs and seems not scared at all by the humans.

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Rock Carvings in Tanum

Axel Fries Sweden - 24-Jan-06

Tanum is on the west coast of Sweden, I went here in the summer of 2005. The carving sites are everywhere in the area, most of them are probably undiscovered because they are overgrown with forest. The rock carvings are from the bronze age, some of them are really big and of a great artistic value, they are coloured red so they are not hard to find. It feels like walking around in a neolithic art gallery. Close to the main area there are a visitors center with amuseum but the enterance to the carving sites is free.

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