Notable for Bats

WHS which derive their OUV from bats or are known for remarkable bat behaviour such as outflights.

Connected Sites

Site Rationale Link
Carlsbad Caverns Brazilian Free-Tail Bat Outflight: "From April through mid-October, visitors watch the nightly spectacle of several hundred thousand Brazilian free-tail bats exiting Carlsbad Cavern in search of food."
El Pinacate Large maternity caves of the migratory Lesser Long-Nosed Bat (OUV)
Gunung Mulu Deer Cave alone has one of the largest colonies in the world of free tailed bats, ... at over 3 million. (OUV)
Komodo National Park Sunda Flying Fox at Pulau Koaba, also known as Kalong Island (Fruit Bat Island). At dusk, thousands of them leave their roost.
Mount Hamiguitan provides habitat for the Philippine pygmy fruit bat (OUV)
Nyungwe National Park Crit X: "The Critically Endangered Hills Horseshoe Bat is endemic to the nominated property."
Ogasawara Islands "... home to a wealth of fauna, including the Bonin Flying Fox, a critically endangered bat,"


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