Restored by anastylosis

The intent of anastylosis is to reconstruct historical architectural monuments which have collapsed from the original material. This is done by placing components back in their original place.

Connected Sites

Site Rationale Link
Acropolis (1902 Parthenon and Erechtheion)
Agrigento (Temple of Heracles)
Ancient Thebes (Karnak Red Chapel)
Angkor (1930s Banteay Serai but NOT Ta Prohm)
Aquileia AB review :- "Some of the restoration work carried out in the decades immediately preceding and following World War II on excavated archaeological areas would not be considered acceptable by current standards. This has involved the reconstruction of colonnades using brick to fill missing portions of columns and importing stone slabs for paving, which goes beyond the limits of acceptable anastylosis. However, a more rigorous policy is now in operation, involving minimal intervention."
Archaeological Site of Delphi Treasury of Athens
Borobudur Borobodur (1907-11)
Brú na Bóinne Newgrange
Cyrene Wiki: "ongoing emergency conservation on a theater inside the Sanctuary of Apollo through the process of anastylosis"
Khami Ruins "Restoration by analystolisis (as was used in 1991 and 1996) ensures that no new materials are introduced to the fabric of the site and promotes use of traditional methods of construction." (Periodic Reporting 2001)
My Son
Olympia Philippeion
Padua’s fourteenth-century fresco cycles The Church of the Eremitani "was severely damaged during a bombing raid on 11 March 1944 (...) Reconstruction work began at the east end of the church - that is, with the Great Chapel, the Dotto Chapel and the Ovetari Chapel and its antechapel. All of the shaped stone and wall fragments recovered - many of them decorated with fresco fragments - were painstakingly re-assembled; and what was still missing after this anastylosis was supplied by newly-worked pieces that were given a different finish and also dated." (Nomination file, p. 237-238)
Pyramids (Memphis) (Saqqara - Djoser funerary complex)
Troy Troy (Odeion)
Um er-Rasas AB evaluation "The arches were reconstructed as full anastylosis"
Uxmal Ballcourt


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