No road access

WHS where the core zone cannot be reached by road (either paved or unpaved). Excluding island-only sites.

Connected Sites

Site Rationale Link
Blue and John Crow Mountains The closest access is walking about 1km from the Moore Town roadhead to Nanny Falls. Plus there is a tiny road that extends just south of Bowden Penn, which is technically part of the core zone.
Central Amazon Conservation Complex 3 hours in a boat are necessary to reach the park entrance of Jau. The 2nd location, Anavilhanas, is closer but also boat only.
Chiribiquete National Park Walk in only (there were illegal airstrips on some tepuis during the heydays of the illegal drugs production though).
Darien National Park On foot
Dja Faunal Reserve "La Réserve du Dja ne connaît pas de routes carrossables. L’accès se fait à pied, avec pas mal d’obstacles comme des traversées de points d’eau."
Great Himalayan National Park Only on foot
Lena Pillars Only by boat
Los Alerces National Park IUCN concluded that “the entire legally declared National Park is uninhabited and roadless” - Essentially you need to cross the ‘Pasarela’ on foot to enter the core zone
Los Katios National Park Only by boat via the Atrato river.
Madriu-Perafita-Claror Valley On foot - however if you look at page 7 of the nomination dossier, you'll see that the park border has a tip where it crosses a road. It's unsure whether one can enter the park from there.
Mount Athos "Mount Athos is not connected to the main power grid, for reasons directly relating to its spiritual character, the same reason that decided the Holy Community not to connect the peninsula by road with the mainland." (IUCN outlook 2020)
Nahanni National Park By float plane or canoe/kayak (although hiking is also possible)
Pantanal Core zone only by boat
Puerto-Princesa Subterranean River Boat only
Putorana Plateau By helicopter. AB ev: “The nominated property is only readily accessible by helicopter from an airport near to Norilsk, located about 200 km north-west from its western border, or by boat along the lakes, but navigation on the only water course (Norilka River) leading to the Lama Lake is difficult.”
Rio Abiseo National Park Best by boat (or hike)
Rio Platano Biosphere Reserve Only access by boat or plane
Rock Paintings of the Sierra de San Francisco On foot or on horseback: "This trip is best suited for people who are active and in good physical shape. The hiking is on rough, uneven trails and the temperatures are often very warm. There is the option of riding horses instead of hiking as well."
Rwenzori Mountains On foot
Sagarmatha National Park On foot
Salonga National Park "the park is very isolated and accessible only by water"
Shirakami-Sanchi "As the site has no road or trail access and thus few visitors..." (AB ev)


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