Horse Stables

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Connected Sites

Ancient Kyoto: Kyoto's sacred horse stable at Kamigamo Shrine
Bahla Fort: Bahla Fort's horse stalls
Biblical Tells: Megiddo Stables
Blenheim Palace: Now an indoor cinema
Bukhara: Khanate Stables inside the Ark Fortress
Byblos: The former Crusade cathedral was used as horse stables by the Arabs.
Drottningholm: Near the entrance
Fujisan: Kitaguchi Hongu Fuji Sangen Jinja has a sacred horse stable.
Gammelstad: 6 of the former 300 are left among the church cottages
Itsukushima Shrine: Sacred Horse Stable at the entrance to the shrine
Lednice-Valtice Cultural Landscape: Stables of the castle of Lednice
Lübeck: next to Burgtor
Malbork Castle: At the Karwan in the Fore Castle
Mantua and Sabbioneta: Pallazo Té was built at the location of the horse stables of the Gonzaga family. Its main room depicts the favourite horses.
Maulbronn Monastery: Stables of Ludwig, Duke of Württemberg (now Rathaus)
Meknes: Royal Stable
Nikko: Nikko's sacred stable at Toshogu Shrine
Old City of Jerusalem: Solomon's Stables
Orkhon Valley: Ordu-Baliq
Potsdam: Orangerie, now a film museum
Rome: Stables of Emperor Augustus
Salzburg: The one next to the festival halls and the Neutor served the court stables that - which actually were what are now the Festival Halls, thus the name "Hofstallgasse" or "Court stable lane" for the street.
Schönbrunn: Stables and coach-houses
Versailles: Now the "Academie du Spectacle Equestre"
Vienna: Hofburg stables of the Lipizzaner horses


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