Art Deco

Art Deco buildings which are included in WHS inscriptions. Limited to:
a. Significant buildings
b. Buildings whose Art Deco credentials are referred to in the Inscription document or Advisory Body review

Connected Sites

Site Rationale Link
Asmara Cinema Impero (1937)
Belfries Beffroi de l'Hôtel de Ville (Charleroi); Beffroi de Lille
Camagüey "The stylistics influences arriving in the city at different stages of its evolution can be identified – such as Eclecticism, Neoclassicism, Art Deco" (AB ev)
Edinburgh St Andrew's House
Funerary and memory sites of the First World War "The Douaumont Ossuary also draws on Art Deco principles in its structural architecture, avoiding straight lines in favour of gentle, soft, intersecting curves" (wiki)
Great Spa Towns of Europe Vichy: Église Saint-Blaise et Notre-Dame-des-Malades; Petit Casino
Humberstone and Santa Laura Saltpeter Works The Theatre
Jaipur City, Rajasthan The last distinct phase was during the early 20th century, when the city expanded in all directions. This period saw the introduction of the Art Deco style, which was adapted to the building typologies (AB ev)
Kulangsu " exhibits many architectural styles including Traditional Southern Fujian Style, Veranda Colonial Style, Western Classical Revival Style, Modernist Style and Art Deco, as well as their fusion in the unique Amoy Deco Style" (AB ev)
La Chaux-de-Fonds / Le Locle The Fine Arts Museum Chaux de Fonds
Melaka and George Town A number of buildings in George Town
Modernist Kaunas "The nominated property is seen as a site of architectural experimentation, where influences of .. Art Deco ..were interpreted by local architects trained in European architectural schools." (AB ev)
Nice Its hotels, villas and apartment buildings (immeubles d’agrément) showcase the succession of styles that were fashionable in Europe between the end of the 18th century and the middle of the 20th century, from neo-classicism to the modern movement, via the historicist eclecticism of the Belle-Époque and Art Deco. (AB ev)
Nord-Pas de Calais Mining Basin Gare de Lens
Old Havana Bacardi Building
Oporto Coliseu do Porto
Panamá Building at Plaza de la Independencia (Casco Viejo)
Paris, Banks of the Seine Palais de Chaillot
Rabat "Most buildings on Makhzen Avenue are […] Art Deco." Then all these buildings are described as having Art Deco elements: The Banque du Maroc, the Trésorerie Générale, the Post Office, Rabat-ville train station, Terminus Hotel, building on Djeddah Street (Atelier d’architecture), Café des Ambassadeurs, Asfar Hassan Tour Agency, Balima Hotel, Café Hawaï residential building and the Navy headquarters. (nom file)
Rio de Janeiro Christ the Redeemer - considered the largest Art Deco statue in the world (wiki)
Salvador de Bahia The Lacerda Elevator: "The elevator towers were renovated in 1930, in an Art Deco styling" (wiki)
Santiniketan "It was consciously international in its outlook, with aesthetic and philosophical influences from .. Art Deco" (AB ev)
Singapore Botanic Gardens many black and white British bungalows shows how the style incorporated elements of UK's Arts and Crafts and Art Deco movements
Stone Town of Zanzibar Cine Afrique
Valparaiso Several buildings in the Upper Town, some now turned into hotels
Victorian Gothic and Art Deco Ensemble of Mumbai "Mumbai’s Art Deco buildings of iconic cinema halls and apartment buildings blended Indian design with Art Deco imagery and created a unique style that became known as Indo-Deco." (OUV)
Willemstad Former cinema Cinelandia (1947)


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