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Sites of Parliament

Parliaments in past and present.

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Connected Sites

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  • Brasilia: Brasilia National Congress Building designed by Niemeyer. Houses the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies
  • Bridgetown: Parliament of Barbados
  • Budapest
  • City of Luxembourg: Hotel de la Chambre des Députés, Luxembourgian Parliament
  • Edinburgh: Scottish Parliament at Holyrood
  • Florence: The Salone del Cinquecento at the Palazzo Vecchio served as the first parliament of unified Italy before the capital was moved to Rome
  • Independence Hall: Congress Hall, part of inscribed WHS Independence Hall was used as the United State Congress from 1790-1800
  • Mudejar Architecture of Aragon: Aragon parliament at the Aljaferia in Zaragoza.
  • Old City of Berne: Federal Palace of Switzerland
  • Ouro Preto: Parliament House
  • Paramaribo Link
  • Paris, Banks of the Seine: Palais Bourbon, seat of the French National Assembly
  • Prague: Valdstejn Palace (Czech Senate) and some buildings in the Lesser Town
  • Rabat: Parliament building Link
  • Regensburg: Regensburg was the regular meeting place of the permanent Imperial Diet (1663-1806)
  • Residences of the Royal House of Savoy: Carignano Palace Italian Parliament 1861-1864
  • Rome: Madama palace (Italian Senate) and Montecitorio palace (Italian Chamber of Deputies)
  • Royal Exhibition Building: 1st Parliament of Australia 9 May 1901
  • San Marino and Mount Titano: Consiglio Grande e Generale, Parliament of San Marino
  • St. Kilda Link
  • Thingvellir
  • Valletta: Grandmaster's Palace in Valletta is Malta Parliament
  • Vienna: Austrian Parliament
  • Westminster
  • White City of Tel-Aviv: The Independence Hall was the temporery seat of the Israeli parliament until the construction of the current Kneset in Jerusalem was completed.


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