Notable lakes

Sites including notable lakes, or on the banks thereof.

Connected Sites

Site Rationale Link
Bali Subak system Volcanic lake Batur
Birka and Hovgarden At Lake Malaran
Chaîne des Puys Gour de Tazenat: a volcanic crater formed by a phreatomagmatic eruption.
Colchic Rainforests and Wetlands A significant role within the hydrologic regime of the Kolkheti territories plays also Paliastomi Lake which is the largest of over 40 other smaller lakes in the Kolkheti wetland complex. (Nomination Text, p. 27)
Cold winter deserts of Turan Lake Sarykamysh, "Throughout its history, the lake has disappeared several times and re-emerged" (AB ev)
Fertö/Neusiedlersee Largest saline water body in Europe, important for migratory birds
Golden Mountains of Altai Lake Teletskoye
Jeju "Yongcheondonggul Lava Tube was discovered recently, and it has a large lake with different salt concentrations along the depth, future detailed scientific investigations on the fauna may reveal some interesting results on its fauna and ecology. The ceiling above the lake also displays a majestic view of carbonate speleothems." - Nomination File
Kizhi Pogost On the banks of Lake Onega, the 2nd largest lake in Europe and 18th in the world
Lake Baikal 31,500 km?, and deepest lake in the world
Lake Malawi 30,044 km?
Lake Turkana 6,405 km?
Lakes of Ounianga the largest known lake complex in a hyper arid environment (AB ev)
Lavaux, Vineyard Terraces On the banks of Lac Leman
Ohrid Region Lake Ohrid: probably the oldest lake in Europe and with impressive endemism
Prehistoric Pile Dwellings several sites around the Lake Constance
Reichenau Lake Constance
Rideau Canal Includes the Lower, Upper and Big Rideau lakes
Sagarmatha National Park Gokyo Lakes
Saryarka two main lakes L.Aksuat (22,000 ha) and L. Saramoin (12,600 ha)(UNEP-WCMC)
Southern Öland Möckelmossen "West of Möckelmossen there are three groups of house foundations which were excavated during the 1970s. Finds have included bone fragments of cattle, horse, sheep/goat and pig." - nomination file
Tajik National Park Sarez Lake: the lake formed in 1911, after a great earthquake (wiki)
Tasmanian Wilderness Lake St. Clair, the "deepest lake in Australia" (IUCN)
West Lake
Willandra Lakes Dried lakes


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