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Ancient Kyoto Minamoto no Yorimasa. He killed himself by seppuku in Byodo-in, one of the listed monuments in Uji. His seppuku was the first recorded to have been carried out as an alternative to surrendering to enemies.
Archaeological Site of Aigai Meda of Odessos: wife of king Philip II of Macedon;.. when Philip died, Meda committed suicide so that she would follow Philip to the Ades. The people of Macedonia, who were not used to such honours to their kings by their consorts, buried her with him at the Great Tumuli of Vergina, in a separate room (wiki)
Baekje Historic Areas Nakhwaam Rock (Buseosanseong) “Nakhwaam is a rock cliff towering over Baengmagang River in the northern end of Busosan Mountain. According to the legend, this is where the royal court women of Baekje jumped off to kill themselves when the kingdom of Baekje was defeated during the invasion of Sabiseong Fortress (now Busosanseong Fortress in Buyeo) by the Shilla-Tang Alliance. The name of this rock, Nakhwaam, literally means "the cliff of falling flowers" and symbolizes the fidelity and loyalty of Baekje women.”
Berat and Gjirokastra According to legend, during the final siege of the city by the Turks, Princess Argjiro, the sister of the lord of the city jumped from the walls of the castle with her son to avoid falling alive into the hands of the enemy. Hence the name "the castle of Argjiro". (wiki)
Gusuku of Ryukyu Gusuku's Nakijin Castle for the story of local Lord Gosamaru
Gyeongju "When Gyeon Hwon's army sacked Gyeongju in 927, they found Gyeongae partying at the Poseokjeong pavilion. The king killed himself rather than surrender. Gyeon Hwon set Gyeongsun on the throne in his stead, and returned to the west." - wiki
Imperial Palace Empress Zhuang Lie Min who hanged herself at the Hall of Earthly Tranquility inside the palace
Kasbah of Algiers Princess Zaphira loved her husband, emir Salim at-Toumi, so much that she poisoned herself not to marry Arudj Barbarossa after the assassination of her husband.
Kii Mountain Range Kongobuji Temple, Koyasan is where Toyotomi Hideyoshi's nephew Toyotomi Hidetsugu committed 'seppuku' (ritual suicide) in 1595, considered as one of the most shocking seppuku in Japanese History.
Le Morne Maroons reputedly "..flung themselves to their death off its sides rather than be recaptured"
Masada Zealots
Mount Etna Diogenes Laërtius records the legend that Empedocles died by throwing himself into Mount Etna in Sicily, so that the people would believe his body had vanished and he had turned into an immortal god; the volcano, however, threw back one of his bronze sandals, revealing the deceit. Another legend maintains that he threw himself into the volcano to prove to his disciples that he was immortal; he believed he would come back as a god after being consumed by the fire.
National History Park Sans souci Haiti - Crippled by a stroke, King Henri I committed suicide on the grounds of the palace on October 8, 1820.
Paris, Banks of the Seine In 1931, the Mexican writer and feminist Antonieta Rivas Mercado shot herself at the altar of Notre Dame de Paris, after being rejected by the Mexican writer and politician José Vasconcelos.
Prague Jan Palach, student who committed suicide by self-immolation as a political protest.
Rome Lucretia. She became a symbol of chastity after she preferred committing suicide to living the shame of having been raped.
Thungyai-Huai Kha Khaeng Huai Kha Kheng - The suicide of Head Ranger "Seub Nakhasathien" as a cry for help from society and public authorities to seriously solve natural resources problems.
Vatican City Alessandro Benedetti, a young Italian cadet officer of the elite Vatican police force, died of a gunshot wound inflicted by himself in 2007 in the Gendarmes barracks.
Yin Xu King Zhou of the Shang Dynasty of ancient China. Another ruler who killed himself as his kingdom was being taken over. He burnt himself along with his palace.


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