A column or pillar of bizarre shape caused by differential erosion on rocks of different hardness.

Connected Sites

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Andrefana Dry Forests "The 250 km long Bemaraha Plateau, composed of mid-Jurassic (approximately 200 mya) limestone of marine origin (Du Puy and Moat 1996), is heavily eroded into a karst landscape characterized by networks of deep crevasses, underground rivers and caves, separated by spectacular pinnacles of limestone, up to 100 m high, forming a “forest of sharp stones”" (IUCN outlook 2020)
Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks Banff
China Danxia "and the Danxia hoodoos and peaks are formed by the riverside" (mgt plan)
Dinosaur Provincial Park
Dong Phayayen Lalu Park in Ta Phraya NP
Fraser Island
Grand Canyon
Greater Blue Mountains "The Three Sisters"
Göreme NP
Ischigualasto / Talampaya Talampaya
Lena Pillars
Mount Sanqingshan
Writing-on-Stone / Áísínai’pi


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