Urban fabric

Historic center WHS which mention "urban fabric" (or "tissu urbain" in French) in their brief description.

Connected Sites

Site Rationale Link
Ancient ksours
Belfries "As major and central elements of the medieval town, the belfries have conserved their importance and played a pivotal role in the development of the urban fabric right up to present times." (Official description)
Kutna Hora
Medina of Fez
Olinda "a tree-covered landscape laid over an urban fabric delightfully moulded to the contours of the topography"
Ping Yao
Riga "The urban fabric of its medieval centre "
Siena "The city is a masterwork of dedication and inventiveness in which the buildings have been designed to fit into the overall planned urban fabric and also to form a whole with the surrounding cultural landscape." (Official description)
Stone Town of Zanzibar
Tlacotalpan Tlacotalpan is a Spanish colonial river port on the Gulf coast of Mexico which has preserved its original urban fabric to an exceptional degree (OUV)


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