Painted by JMW Turner

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Connected Sites

Cornwall and West Devon Mining Landscape: Tamar Valley Mining District. "Crossing the Brook". Early Turner (1815) showing the Tamar Valley and Calstock in the style of French 17th C painter Claude but with signs of industrialisation in the valley.
Loire Valley: "Vue Sud-Est de Beaugency c1826-30"
Maritime Greenwich: (London 1809 etc)
Pyramids (Memphis): Giza - Fifth Plague of Egypt 1800
Rome: Rome from the Vatican 1820
Site of Carthage: Dido building Carthage 1815
Venice and its Lagoon: S. Giorgio Maggiore, Looking east from the Giudecca 1819, View of a cross-canal near the Arsenal 1840 etc.
Westminster: Burning of the House of Lords and Commons 1835 etc.


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