Muqarnas are a form of architectural ornamented vaulting, the "geometric subdivision of a squinch, or cupola, or corbel, into a large number of miniature squinches, producing a sort of cellular structure", sometimes also called "honeycomb" vaults from their resemblance to these. They are used for domes, and especially half-domes in entrances and apses, mostly in traditional Islamic and Persian architecture. When some elements project downwards, the style may be called mocárabe; these are reminiscent of stalactites, and may be called "stalactite vaults".


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Connected Sites

Arab-Norman Palermo: Cappella Palatina
Armenian Monastic Ensembles: St Stepanos: a rather nice Muqarna above the entrance
Gonbad-e Qâbus: stalactites works (moqarnass) of the entrance (nom file)
Granada: Alhambra
Historic Cairo: Sultan Hassan Mosque: portal and mausoleum
Mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi: The intrados of the domes is decorated in alabaster stalactites (muqarnas). (AB ev)
Samarkand: Shah-i-Zinda


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