Large squares

Squares starting from 10000 m2

Connected Sites

Site Rationale Link
Bardejov Town Main Square 37000 m2
Bordeaux Place des Quinconce, 126000 m2
Brugge Grote Markt, 10000 m2
Budapest Heroes' Square 18000 m2
Cahokia Mounds Grand Plaza, 190000 m2
Corfu Spianada, 84000 m2
Karlskrona Stortorget Square 20000 m2
Kraków Main Market Square, 41000 m2
Kremlin and Red Square Red Square, 23000 m2
L'viv Market Square, 18000 m2
Lyon Place Bellecour, 62000 m2
Meidan Emam, Esfahan Naqshe Jahan Square (Meidan Shah), 90000 m2
Mexico City and Xochimilco Plaza de la Constitucion, 58000 m2
Nancy Place Stanislas, 13000 m2
Paris, Banks of the Seine Place de la Concorde, 86000 m2
Prague Wenceslas Square, 45000 m2, Charles Square, 81000 m2
Rome Piazza del Popolo, 14000 m2
Spissky Hrad and Levoca Levoca - 35000 m2
St. Petersburg Palace Square, 50000 m2
Teotihuacan Plaza de la Luna - 26000sq metres
Vatican City St Peter's Square, 23000 m2
Venice and its Lagoon Piazza San Marco, 12000 m2
Vienna Heldenplatz 90000 m2
White City of Tel-Aviv Habima Square 45000 m2
Würzburg Residence Residenzplatz 30,000 m2
Zamość Rynek Wielki, 10000 m2


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