Coronation Locations

This includes all "installation" ceremonies for monarchs.

Connected Sites

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Aachen Cathedral For 600 years, from 936 to 1531, the Aachen chapel was the church of coronation for 30 German kings and 12 queens (wiki)
Ancient Nara Ruin of Heijikyo Palace for ancient Japanese Emperors
Ayutthaya the ruins of ancient palace was the coronation place for ancient siamese court
Budapest Matthias Church
Changdeokgung Palace Complex For most of the Korean Joseon Dynasty
City of Bath Edgar the "First King of All England" was crowned at Bath Abbey on May 11 973. This was the first "English" coronation recorded in any detail and formed the template for all subsequent ceremonies. A plaque on the East wall of the current building records the event.
Edinburgh Holyrood Abbey (ruined in 1768) was used for the Scottish coronation of Charles I in 1633. Scottish kings were traditionally crowned at Scone whilst sitting on the "Stone of Destiny". However this was captured by Edward I in 1296 and taken to Westminster where it was put into the English Throne. After a chequered history (see )it was returned to Scotland in 1996 and can be seen in Edinburgh Castle (though should be returned to Westminster for any future British coronations!)
Golestan Palace "This spectacular terrace, known as the Marble Throne, was built in 1806 by order of Fath Ali Shah of Qajar (r. 1797-1834) Coronations of Qajar kings, and formal court ceremonies were held on this terrace. The last coronation to be held at the Marble Throne was the coronation of Reza Shah Pahlavi, in 1925." (Wiki)
Gusuku of Ryukyu Gusuku's Shuri castle courtyard was a coronation place of Ryukyu Kingdom
Hué Coronation place for Nguyen Dynasty of Vietnam
Imperial Palace Beijing Imperial palace for Ming and Qing Emperors
Kraków (Wawel Cathedral) most Polish Monarchs 1370-1734
Kremlin and Red Square (Uspensky Cathedral) Russian Tsars. Ivan the Terrible 1547 onwards
Luang Prabang The last king of Laos decorated and refurbished Luang Prabang royal palace for his coronation, before the end of his monarchy.
Mexico City and Xochimilco (Metropolitan Cathedral) - Maximilian I planned for 1864 but it never happened
Mtskheta (Svetitskhoveli Cathedral) Georgian Monarchs
Paris, Banks of the Seine Notre Dame de Paris for Napoleon I
Paseo del Prado and Buen Retiro Philip 5th, current king of Spain, was crowned in the congress of deputies inside the inscribed property
Red Fort (Delhi) Aurangzeb 1659
Reims Most French monarchs
Santiago de Compostela "After the centre of Asturian political power moved from Oviedo to León in 910, Compostela became more politically relevant, and several kings of Galicia and of León were acclaimed by the Galician noblemen and crowned and anointed by the local bishop at the cathedral, among them Ordoño IV in 958, Bermudo II in 982, and Alfonso VII in 1111"
Thang Long for ancient Vietnamese court coronation
Vatican City (St Peter's Basilica)- Popes until 1963
Westminster Westminster Abbey - Nearly all English/British Monarchs since 1066


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