A bandstand is a circular or semicircular structure set in a park, garden, pier, or indoor space, designed to accommodate musical bands performing concerts. A simple construction, it both creates an ornamental focal point and also serves acoustic requirements while providing shelter for the changeable weather, if outdoors. (Wiki)

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Connected Sites

Australian Convict Sites: Parramatta park (Government Domain)
Brugge: In the Koningin Astridpark
Cienfuegos: At central square
City of Bath: Inside Royal Victoria Park
Corfu: At the Spianada
Edinburgh: Ross bandstand
Maritime Greenwich: Greenwich Park
Mining Sites of Wallonia: In Quinconces park
Morelia: At the Plaza de Armas
Panamá: On Plaza de la Independencia in Casco Viejo
Querétaro: at Jardín Zenea
Saltaire: In Roberts Park
Tequila: in Tequila town, main plaza


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