WHS within the geographical area defined as "Polynesia" and/or including Polynesian archaeological remains

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Connected Sites

Phoenix Islands: The main islands of Kiribati(The Gilbert Islands), to which they belong, are considered part of Micronesia. But the Phoenix Islands lie significantly to the SE and are geographically within the "Polynesian Triangle". Also, although they are now largely uninhabited, there are Polynesian archaeological remains e.g "(Orona ) contains evidence of prehistoric Polynesian inhabitation. An ancient stone marae stands on the eastern tip of the island, together with ruins of shelters, graves and other platforms."
Sub-Antarctic Islands: Traces of Polynesian settlement, possibly dating to the 13th century, have been found by archaeologists on Enderby Island. This is the most southerly settlement by Polynesians yet known. (wiki)
TaputapuńĀtea: French Polynesia


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