Takes more than 5 days to visit

WHS that take more than 5 days for a return trip, starting from an international airport.

The connection belongs to Trivia connections.

Connected Sites

Aldabra Atoll: Only accessible by ship, cruises take 2 to 3 weeks but also often include one or two other WHS such as Vallee de Mai and Zanzibar
Bikini Atoll: visitable by private yachts, or you could join a shipwreck diving tour - at least 3 days one way from Australia
Heard and McDonald Islands: 25 day cruise, if it ever runs
Henderson Island: The shortest cruise calling on this Island takes 25 days; it fortunately also stops at Easter Island (a 2nd WHS within 25 days)
Macquarie Island: Combined cruise with New Zealand Sub-Antarctic Islands, 14 days
Ogasawara Islands: Ferry from Tokyo takes (at least) 25 hours, return ferry starts 3 days later, so just over 5 days round trip
Phoenix Islands: by private or chartered yachts only, or a 15 day cruise
Sub-Antarctic Islands: Combined cruise with Macquarie Island, 14 days
Wrangel Island: Cruises take about 14 days for a roundtrip


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