Sites where treaties were signed See Wiki for definition of a "Treaty". Location/building of signing must be known and within the WHS. Declarations of Independence do not fit the definition (see separate Connection). Where a Treaty/Agreement was signed at the same location as a connected "Congress/Conference" it is "connected" with the more "famous" title.

Connected Sites

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Białowieża Forest "The Belavezha Accords is the agreement which declared the Soviet Union effectively dissolved and established the Commonwealth of Independent States in its place. It was signed at the state dacha near Viskuli in Belovezhskaya Pushcha on December 8, 1991, by the leaders of Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine."
Brugge Treaty of Bruges (1375)
Changdeokgung Palace Complex Japan-Korea Annexation Treaty of 1910 "In modern Korea, the treaty is also commonly called "Hanil Hapbang Neugyak," which simply means a coerced (and hence invalid) treaty." (wiki) Injeong-jeon, main hall of Changdeokgung - "The annexation treaty between Korean and Japan was signed here at Injeong-jeon in 1910, putting an end to the Joseon Dynasty." - A field Guide to History: Seoul written by Korea Cultural and Historical Survey Society. (2007) Excerpt pg. 139
Durham Castle and Cathedral Treaties of Durham 1136 & 1139 & 1409 & 1424, between the English and the Scots
Fontainebleau Treaty of Fontainebleau (1814), where Napoleon Bonaparte was stripped of his powers as ruler of the French Empire
Loire Valley Treaty of Chambord 1552. in Chateau de Chambord
Nice In February 2001, the Treaty of Nice was signed in the dining room of the Palais de la Préfecture by the foreign ministers of the European Union.
Novgorod Treaty of Novgorod (1557) end Russo-Swedish War (1554-1557)
Ohrid Region The Ohrid Framework Agreement was the peace deal signed by the government of the Republic of Macedonia and representatives of the Albanian minority on 13 August 2001.
Querétaro 1848 peace treaty with the USA, 1917 National Constitution
Rome Treaty of Rome 25 March 1957. In Palazzo dei Conservatori; Lateran Palace - Lateran Treaty 1929. Established the independence of The Vatican and varies "exclaves" of the Vatican state within Rome. This included the Lateran Palace which is now the Museo Storico Vaticano
Versailles Treaty of Versailles 28 June 1919. In Hall of Mirrors.
Westminster The Treaty of Westminster of 1674 was the peace treaty that ended the Third Anglo-Dutch War.


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