Notable minarets

WHS that include a minaret that is remarkable for its age, size (>50m) or otherwise. Reason must be given.

Connected Sites

Site Rationale Link
Agadez a lofty minaret made entirely of mudbrick (AB ev)
Al Qal'a of Beni Hammad The minaret of the Al'Qal'Qh, 25 meters high, is the prototype of the three-tiered minaret composition which may be seen, notably at the Giralda of Sevilla. It is the oldest in Algeria after that of Sidi Boumerouane. (AB ev)
Aleppo Great Mosque of Aleppo: it has a Seljuk minaret which was completed in 1090
Bolgar The minaret of this former mosque collapsed in 1841 but was reconstructed in the year 2000 on the basis of historical drawings made on site in 1827. The new minaret was reerected on its original foundations and integrates historic stones, which belonged to the original minaret. (AB ev)
Damascus Umayyad Mosque: the Minaret of Jesus (Madhanat Isa), located on the eastern corner of the mosque complex, is around 77 meters in height (wiki)
Istanbul Süleymaniye Mosque - 72m
Kairouan The massive minaret of the Great Mosque of Kairouan in Tunisia is the oldest standing minaret. Its construction began during the first third of the 8th century and was completed in 836 CE (wiki)
Kasbah of Algiers The minaret of the Djamaa el Djedid mosque is 25 metres high and has a a clock integrated in it. The clock was integrated into the minaret by the French architect Bournichon and was originally part of the Jenina Palace. (Wiki)
Kunya-Urgench Kutlug-Timur Minaret, 60m high
Medina of Marrakesh Koutoubia minaret, 77m high
Minaret of Jam 65m high
Qutb Minar 72.5m high, and also the tallest brick minaret in the world (wiki)
Samarra its minaret, the Malwiya Tower, is a vast spiralling cone 52 meters high and 33 meters wide with a spiral ramp (wiki)
Selimiye Mosque with its four soaring minarets it dominates the city skyline (OUV)
Silk Roads: Zarafshan-Karakum Corridor Vobkent Minaret
Yazd The Jame mosque is crowned by a pair of minarets, the highest in Iran


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