Naser ed-Din Shah

Naser al-Din Shah Qajar (16 July 1831 – 1 May 1896) was the King of Countries’ Union of Iran from 5 September 1848 to 1 May 1896. He was the first modern Iranian monarch to formally visit Europe. He wrote travelogues about his trips, that also have been translated in foreign languages.

See the English version of his diary of a trip to Europe in 1873.

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Burgundy "The whole of these parts of the country is named Burgundy, and one section of Burgundy is the Cote-d'Or, of which Dijon is the chief town. The crop of grapes is beyond all computation hereabouts, and the wines are celebrated, being carried to all parts of the world.
Cologne Cathedral "It was two hours' journey to the city of Cologne. .. A beautiful city appeared before my sight; it has a large, lofty, well-placed church, which they say is the first in Europe."
Golestan Palace The most characteristic palaces in Golestan date back to the subsequent reign of Naser ed-Din Shah (1848-1896). These include the Imarat-e Badgir, already begun under Fat’h Ali Shah, the Shams-ol Imareh and the Kakh-e Asli (AB ev)
Istanbul ""We arrived at the beginning of the habitations of the city of Islambul. On the left hand is the land of Europe ; on the right, the land of Asia.. We breakfasted at home ; after which we went to the city of Islambul to pay visits to the mosque of Saint Sophia and the residence of the Persian mission."
Kremlin and Red Square "we reached the gate of the citadel-palace of the Kremlin, which is one of the grand palaces of Russia—nay, of all the Franks"
Maritime Greenwich "After continuing a certain distance, we arrived at Greenwich, where is the Naval College of England, and which possesses an imposing palace"
Paris, Banks of the Seine "And so we reached the Place de la Concorde, where they have erected a lofty obelisk brought from Egypt."
Potsdam "{Sunday, 1st June).—To-day we went to the town of Potsdam, which is outside of Berlin... The quarters of the Heir-Apparent are in that of Potsdam. We drove in our carriage to that palace ; he was not at home. We then drove for a promenade, and passed through magnificent avenues in beautiful parks."
Residences of the Royal House of Savoy In Turin: "After breakfast the Sovereign came and we went together to the armoury that is in the palace. There were large numbers of weapons, ancient and modern, such as Persian swords on which were inscribed verses of Persian poetry in letters of gold;"
Salzburg "It is a handsome city, with a pleasant climate, and situated by the side of a wooded mountain, having a population of fourteen thousand souls. Tliis is the place where the thii-d Napoleon had a meeting with the present Emperor of Austria. It has a famous salt-mine.
Schönbrunn "The word " Schonbrunn " in the German tongue has the meaning of "clear spring" {read: " beautiful spring "). We mounted a carriage and drove out, the princes and others following us.".
St. Petersburg "Of the things frequently seen in Russia were the abundance of carriages in (St.) Peter(sburg), many tramways of iron in the streets, and also many beautiful dogs, large and small"
Tower of London "Again, we passed through other streets, and so entered the old Tower of London. The Governor of the Tower, who is a General, came out with all the notables and Aldermen of the City. The walls and turrets of the fortress are all of stone. The jewels, arms, &c., of the ancient monarchs are all kept there"
Upper Middle Rhine Valley At Koblenz: "We crossed the Rhine by a bridge, the river here being narrow, with hills on either side. The bank of the river is all villages, towns, cultivations of vines, cherry-trees, and the like. .. On either side of the river is there a railway, and continually do the ti'ains rmi. There are also roads for carriages, waggons, and pedestrians, well made and kept. The whole region is a garden."
Verona "Leaving Peschiera, we reached the city and fortress of Verona. This city is in the midst between the plains and the mountains. All round the city is a fortification, with a ditch, and with powerful batteries, in which are many cannon."
Versailles "Again another day we went to Versailles ... We passed through a gallery where were arranged most beautiful statues in marble of ancient kings, ministers, magnates, commanders, and the like, all carved by the old masters;"
Vienna "This day we have to go to the city of Vienna and visit the Exhibition."
Westminster "To-day we have to visit the Bank, the Tower of London, the churches of St. Paul's and Westminster, as also the Houses of Parliament. .. It is a very grand, solid, and majestic structure. In point of fact, so great a palace is worthy and seemly for the Parliament of England."


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