Eunuchs were mostly servants or slaves who, because of their function, had been castrated, usually in order to make them reliable servants of a royal court where physical access to the ruler could wield great influence.

This connection includes courts where eunuchs were employed.

Connected Sites

Site Rationale Link
Agra Fort
Changdeokgung Palace Complex
Fatehpur Sikri
Granada Alhambra
Historic Cairo former center of eunuch trade (source: Eunuchs and Castrati: A Cultural History)
Hué Imperial Palace
Imperial Palace Beijing
Imperial Tombs Ming Imperial Tombs includes a tomb of an eunuch of the last Ming Emperor
Istanbul Topkapi Palace
Mount Taishan during imperial time eunuchs from the capital came here to perform Taoist services and pray for peace and longevity for the emperor, concubines, princes and princesses
Mountain Resort, Chengde
Old City of Jerusalem Jerulsalem's Dome of the rock was guarded by black eunuchs (source: Eunuchs and Castrati: A Cultural History)
Ravenna Basilica of San Vitale: "Another panel shows Empress Theodora solemn and formal, with a golden halo, crown and jewels, and a group of court women as well as eunuchs."
Red Fort
Summer Palace
Thang Long


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