English garden

The term "English garden" or "English park" is used in Continental Europe for a large-scale landscape garden with its origins in the English landscape gardens of the 18th century.

Connected Sites

Site Rationale Link
Australian Convict Sites Old Government House and Domain, Parramatta "The park includes ..... landscaped gardens in late 18th century English style"
Banska Stiavnica Park of the castle of Sv?t? Anton
Blenheim Palace Its park was created by the famous landscape gardener 'Capability' Brown
Bordeaux Jardin Public: "Under Napoleon III the gardens were transformed into a traditional English formal garden, and extended. This is the present form of the gardens."
Botanical Garden, Padua
City of Bath Prior Park and Holburne Gardens
Drottningholm Gustav III's English Garden
Ferrara Massari Park: the name of the park comes from the Massari counts who purchased the palace that bears their name and, later, transformed the pre-existing garden into an English park.
Funerary and memory sites of the First World War "Overall, the landscaping of Commonwealth cemeteries follows the English garden tradition" (AB ev)
Garden Kingdom of Dessau-Wörlitz
Gardens and Castle at Kromeríz
Graz Schloss Eggenberg
Great Spa Towns of Europe Central Park in Mariánské Lázně
Karlskrona At Skarva
Kew Gardens "The landscape gardens and the edifices created by celebrated artists such as Charles Bridgeman, William Kent, Lancelot 'Capability' Brown and William Chambers reflect the beginning of movements which were to have international influence."
Lednice-Valtice Cultural Landscape Lednice park, plus some of the smaller parks, the so-called Englische Anlagen
Litomysl Castle Castle garden
Mathildenhöhe Darmstadt "The history of the nominated property began in 1800, when Prince Christian of Hesse-Darmstadt created an English landscape garden open to the public on the hill above the city of Darmstadt, from which views of the city could be enjoyed." (AB Ev)
Muskauer Park
Nice In the park of the Château de Valrose and the park of the Villa Kotschoubey. (Nomination file, p. 143-144, 157)
Paseo del Prado and Buen Retiro extensive gardens in the French, Italian and English styles (AB ev)
Potsdam New Garden
Prague Pruhonice Park
Residence of Bukovinian & Dalmatian Metropolitans the park, landscaped in 19th century English style with asymmetrical tree-planting and glades (AB ev)
Residences of the Royal House of Savoy Agliè garden
Royal Palace at Caserta Caserta English garden
Singapore Botanic Gardens SGB heritage zone
St. Petersburg Pavlovsk Palace "Pavlovsk is well worth visiting both for the treasures in the elegant palace and for the charming, rambling park, which is one of the largest and finest English-style landscape gardens outside the UK. " (From www.saint-petersburg.com/pavlovsk/index.asp ) AND Peterhof "Catherine the Great oversaw the creation of the first landscape garden at Peterhof, the English Park, which was designed jointly by English landscaper James Meders and the great Italian architect Giacomo Quarenghi. The park was once the setting for Quarenghi's English Palace, considered one of the finest works of Russian classicism, which was later used as a guesthouse for foreign visitors, and then destroyed by artillery fire in the Second World War. "
Studley Royal Park
Telc Castle park
Versailles The attempt to convert Le Nôtre’s masterpiece into an English-style garden failed to achieve its desired goal. Owing largely to the topology of the land, the English esthetic was abandoned and the gardens replanted in the French style. (wiki)


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