Copper production

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Cornwall and West Devon Mining Landscape
Dholavira: A Harappan City "(...) the location of Dholavira in the island of Khadir was strategic to harness different mineral and raw material sources (copper, (...) among others)" (Official description) "The evidence of copper metallurgy from the earliest stages at Dholavira clearly indicate[s] the smelting of copper ore. The nearest copper sources from Dholavira is the Ambaji-Deri copper mines located on the Gujarat - Rajasthan border. A variety of copper artefacts clearly demonstrate[s] the wide preference of finished products, both for the elite and lay persons." (Nomination text, p. 188)
Falun Great Copper Mountain
Glacier parks Kennicott Ghost Town: "The ghostly remains of what was once the world's richest copper mine."
Grand Canyon Copper mining took place within the Canyon in the late 19th/early 20th Centuries. Mine remains are stil visible
Luther Memorials
Mining Cultural Landscape Erzgebirge
Petra The Umm al Amad copper mines and underground galleries are an outstanding example of mining structures dating from the fourth millennium BC.
Rammelsberg and Goslar "The copper, lead and tin mines of Rammelsberg mountain, in the Harz region, were worked continuously from the 11th century until the 1980s." (Official description)
Sarazm "the city also served as an important regional agricultural and copper production center" (wiki)
Sewell Mining Town "It reflects the boom in copper production made possible by the investment of large amounts of American capital that gave Chile its pre-eminence as a cooper producer by the 1920s, a role that it still maintains." (AB ev)


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